IPSE Member Meet-Up: Get advice on your freelancing challenges

August’s IPSE member meet-up focused on freelancer challenges; we invited the group to come with a specific challenge they are experiencing so they could get practical advice from the people who know best: other freelancers.

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We had a wide breadth of expertise in the room: members came from all kinds of backgrounds from copywriting, web design and film production to project management and accountancy.

The challenges were as diverse as the membership, which shows just how many hats self-employed people have to wear each day.

We started on an area that all self-employed people grapple with… late payments and getting companies to meet the payment terms you’ve set as a business. Securing a percentage of payment up front or withholding an element of the project until final payment has been made were some of the helpful tips shared. The free letter templates available to members on payment demands were also shared with the group.

Navigating umbrella companies and the post-IR35 was another key topic, and one major topic of discussion here was how to pick the right one when they all look the same on paper. We also touched on the question of how to manage your pension when working through an umbrella company.

Another common challenge that many struggled with was working on the business and not in the business. How do you find the time to do all the bits you’ve been procrastinating on? Being disciplined with your focus is one way but also tapping into other freelance talent with expertise in what you’re trying to achieve – even if it’s just for one day a month – can really help move your projects forward.

Get involved

IPSE will be hosting more meet-ups soon on other topics that are important to freelancers. These sessions are not only an opportunity to share and learn from other freelancers, but also for us to continue fine-tuning our programme of campaigning, partnerships and research.

IPSE Member Meet-Ups run on a monthly basis – we may start doing them more frequently as they are proving popular. Spaces are limited to 30 to keep the sessions manageable, so if you’re interested in joining, we recommend signing up early! Keep an eye out for an email about next month’s – coming soon.

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