How IPSE members are shaping our 2024 manifesto

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IPSE’s Policy and Research Committee was set up to enable members to feed directly into IPSE’s policy work and help us design and shape our campaigning and research projects.

Over the years, the committee has been instrumental in framing budget submissions, in developing policy positions on topics ranging from IR35 and employment status reform to Making Tax Digital and umbrella company market regulation. Committee members have also been all too happy to act as case studies for various pieces of media coverage.

Discussing the Manifesto

Last week saw the 15-strong member committee meet for its monthly meeting to discuss the draft IPSE Manifesto ahead of the 2024 election.

Committee members were very positive about the overall direction of the initial draft and provided valuable suggestions on how to frame certain policy asks.

The discussion initially focused on one of IPSE’s central asks in the upcoming manifesto – for HMRC to be given Ministerial oversight – which members strongly supported and thought could be utilised as part of a campaign surrounding the Manifesto.

For more information on our call for Ministerial oversight of HMRC and why we’re calling for it, you can read more here.

The issue of late payment was another topic discussed, with members keen to express the need to be succinct in our recommendations, though supporting the general direction of the key asks around late payment for government.

Another area raised during the discussion was the need for government to provide a safety net for the self-employed. Policies such as sick pay and help for those hurt on the job whilst self-employed were warmly welcomed.

On areas we can improve with the draft, the committee helpfully suggested the use of case studies throughout the document to make it feel more relatable. Similarly, it was thought that these stories could accompany the launch of the Manifesto with interviews with members featuring across IPSE’s social channels.

The discussion only further underlined the vital importance of this forum, with the committee continuing to be an integral link between IPSE’s membership and the work of the team to deliver research-backed policy recommendations that benefit the UK’s self-employed.

Get involved

IPSE is always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and experiences to join the committee and we'd love to have more members join us.

We hold a virtual meeting on the second Wednesday of each month between 12:30 and 13:30, but there’s no pressure to commit every week – many members come one month and then understandably can’t make the next due to work commitments.

If you would be interested in providing your feedback to the IPSE Manifesto or shaping future IPSE policy asks and campaigns, please do get in touch below.

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