Exploring virtual coworking this ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month.

People who are self-employed and remote working often need to be very deliberate about the way they plan and prioritise their work, structuring their day to ensure they work on (and complete) their most important and impactful tasks.

ADHD awareness month

Having ADHD can often make these activities more challenging, sometimes leading to procrastination and distraction and even feelings of worry and shame that can impact mental health. Procrastination and distraction can also prohibit work being completed on time, having a direct impact on earnings and progression as a self-employed professional.

Tools and systems designed to assist with planning and productivity are numerous, but often they can be ineffective as they can feel 'too administrative' to use. Recently IPSE spoke with a new UK based company called FLOWN, which is growing in popularity amongst both the self-employed/freelance and adult ADHD community.

According to research we conducted here at IPSE, many people start freelancing and self-employment with a disability due to the flexibility and options it can provide. A lack of support and flexibility of working conditions from employers has led many individuals to go self-employed to create a work-life balance and working environment that is better for them.

FLOWN describes itself as a 'deep work toolkit' and at the centre of their platform sits a weekly schedule of 65 hours of live and facilitated sessions designed to help individuals achieve more in their work and feel better doing so. The sessions help members plan and structure their day (Take-Offs), remove distractions, achieve focus while working (Flocks) and take meaningful, intentional breaks via movement and meditations (Recharge).

Taking advantage of well-known techniques that support consistently with focus – intention setting, community accountability, body-doubling and time-boxing – FLOWN's sessions are having a significant impact on productivity and well-being for members.

Since launching just over a year ago, FLOWN has found that 40% of their members identify as freelance or self-employed and a significant number of members report having an ADHD diagnosis, or they strongly identify with ADHD related traits.

As a result of this, for ADHD Awareness Month FLOWN has a created a series of guidance and support specifically around ADHD and working, including:

An in-depth guide to ADHD and working

How to access the UK Governments 'Access To Work Grant'

A coached email journey, with ADHD coach and therapist Sara-Jane Reilly

Throughout ADHD Awareness Month FLOWN has also been sharing helpful videos in which they interview prominent ADHD experts, including neurodivergent advocate Theo Smith and psychologist Pippa Simou.

IPSE believes that the flexibility of working as a freelancer offers the opportunity to shape a lifestyle and career that best suits your needs, allowing you to focus on both productivity and wellbeing.

Finding support, whether that’s through self-employed groups on social media, networking events with like-minded individuals, or working communities like FLOWN can be a lifeline to anyone working remotely for essential connection.

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