The lifeblood of any organisation stems from its members and this important aspect is alive and well at IPSE, with a 30 strong Consultative Council (CC) elected from our membership. The CC is the advisory body that supports and informs the Board of issues raised by the membership.

IPSE needs representatives from all walks of freelance life to come forward and help shape the future of the organisation. This year some experienced council members are retiring from the Consultative Council so it is a great opportunity for the next generation of motivated and inspired volunteers to emerge from the forthcoming elections.

Election to the CC is open to any full member of IPSE who feels that they have something to contribute and it is an essential part of IPSE’s governance structure. As IPSE grows and evolves, it is vital that all sectors of the membership are represented on the Consultative Council (CC). We’d therefore like to invite you to nominate yourself to ensure that all sectors are well represented.

The role of the Consultative Council:

The CC meets regularly to help shape the future direction of IPSE - the council acts as a mechanism for the Board of Directors and management to consult with representatives of the IPSE membership.

Council members are elected for a three year term by the whole membership. Regular face-to-face meetings are held on a Saturday (normally three times a year, with additional meetings scheduled as required), which CC members are expected to try and attend. In addition there are catch up conference calls which are usually held mid-week in the evening. The main form of communication between meetings is via the IPSE forums, where there is a dedicated forum for CC discussions.

One of the key roles of the Consultative Council is that we are the Electoral College responsible for appointing the Board of Directors. There will usually be one election every year to elect two directors, and CC members take part in face-to-face and online hustings events to question the candidates for election, followed by voting online for their preferred candidates. This is a vital part of the IPSE governance, and ensures that the Board of Directors is elected by representatives of the IPSE membership.

The CC can call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time.

There are many other ways that CC members can help IPSE and interact with members. For example, there may be focus groups and round table events that CC members are invited to participate in, and there are a variety of working parties that are formed depending on members’ skill sets to help drive the direction of IPSE. CC members are always welcome at IPSE events to meet other members and to help keep up to date with issues facing the membership.

The date of the next CC meeting is Saturday, 24 June 2017.

CC Member Experiences

Kelly Gilmour-Grassam

Being a member of the CC has given me a valuable opportunity to shape the direction of one of the UK's most influential associations for the self employed. I would highly recommend IPSE members consider standing for the elections!

Tracey Davies

Being part of IPSE's CC has enabled me to gain the knowledge required to help colleagues with contracting issues. I've also been able to represent their views and fears to IPSE for consideration in communications and strategy.

Steve Strain

I stood for a place on the CC following the initial rules around tax arrangements in the public sector being implemented in 2012. I felt that I could contribute to the ever increasing debates around the contracting and freelance sector in the UK, and wanted to stand up and give some of my time back to an organisation which helped me out when it was really needed.

The work that has happened over the past few years has been great, but new threats are never far away, as we have seen with the ill conceived public sector IR35 rules coming into force this year. Never more so have we needed the input and enthusiasm of new CC members to represent the organisation and ensure members’ views are being heard. The CC plays a vital role in sense checking the strategy and direction of travel the Board put forward - if you want a voice, if you want to influence the way IPSE does things in the future, then please get involved and stand for a place on the Consultative Council.

How to get involved

The election process:

  • Please visit your IPSE dashboard and click through to the election site via the top left hand IPSE Elections box from Friday 21st April - nominations will open at 12.00
  • Nominations close on Friday, 5th May at 12:00. A proposer and two seconders are required for each nomination
  • Voting will open on Friday, 19th May at 12:00.
  • Voting will close on Friday, 2nd June at 12:00. Results will be available shortly afterwards
  • The next face-to-face CC meeting will be in London from 10am on Saturday, June 24th.

Engaging with voters:

There will be plenty of opportunities between now and the election to engage with IPSE members and explain what you will be bringing to the table as a Consultative Council member.

Remember you can take advantage of the following channels to engage with members and promote yourself as a CC candidate:

  • IPSE forums (there will be a dedicated forum for the election)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • IPSE events