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The umbrella company consultation: What it could mean for your supply chain and how IPSE intends to respond

  • Webinar

After waiting almost one and a half years, last month government revealed long-awaited plans to tackle non-compliance within the umbrella company market.  Set out in a 58-page consultation document were a whole host of options that vary in impact on the supply chain.

Join IPSE’s policy team as they outline what the consultation could mean for your supply chain and share how conversations between government and stakeholders have so far identified more problems than solutions.

Hosted by:
Andy Chamberlain, Director of Policy
Fred Hicks, Senior Policy & Communications Adviser
Joshua Toovey, Senior Policy & Research Officer

For members only, we’ll also be hosting a follow up Teams call where members can give us their thoughts on the consultation. This will take place on the following Tuesday 22nd August at 12.30. To attend the member-only focus group, please email [email protected].

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