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5 advanced interview room tactics to win more work at higher rates

  • Webinar

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Many people think they are good in interviews (or should we say client sales meetings?!), but how can you be good at something you have only done a few times in your life?

It’s not just about being able to talk confidently! Being good at something requires coaching and practice, so we are running a live online career webinar all about advanced interview skills.

This live session will provide leading-edge information on advanced interview techniques specifically for contractors, interims, and freelancers. 

This event will also be part of BBC2’s Bring the Drama Festival which IPSE are supporting.

In this fast-paced and engaging session, you will learn:

Interview tactics.png

✔️ How to identify the true meaning of interview questions so your answers are always perfect

✔️ How to apply easy-to-implement sales techniques in interviews to increase your daily rate

✔️ How to use advanced communication frameworks to structure answers and prevent rambling

✔️ Why you should create a ‘Contract Work Autobiography’ to properly prepare for interviews

✔️ How to showcase your best client work using case studies on-screen during virtual interviews

✔️ How to tackle some of the trick and tricky interview questions that often trip contractors up

We will also reveal the top 3 mistakes and things you should never do in interviews.

This webinar will be delivered by CVIA who recently won the ‘Best Contractor Product/Service’ award – their short and punchy workshops are much more than your typical top ten tips fare and have been described as "outstanding". 

This is a live webinar with a Q&A session at the end for you to ask any questions. Why not challenge our presenter and come armed with the hardest interview question you have ever been asked.

This webinar is free to attend for IPSE members. Non-members can also attend at a cost of £15 + registration fees. If you are part of the BBC2 Bring the Drama festival, please email [email protected] for a code to access the webinar for free.