Exclusive member discount for new parents


Are you self-employed or going to become self-employed, and you have a new arrival on the way?

We are pleased to announce that all new parents who are on maternity, paternity and adoption leave are entitled to receive 60% off the first 6 months of their IPSE membership - including existing members. 

On Paternity, Maternity or Adoption leave?

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, is dedicated to supporting the self-employed including all new parents who are expecting to take maternity or paternity leave.

Our aim is to help you survive and thrive in your self-employed journey. That's why we're offering you 60% off 6 months of IPSE membership.

60% off IPSE membership for 6 months*

To claim your discount, please contact us via [email protected]To find out more about how IPSE can support you, click here.

Maternity and Paternity leave advice

Explore real stories from freelance parents within the IPSE community and gain practical tips on how to navigate all the logistics and your new journey as a freelancing parent.

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Agree a fair deal on rights and support

Agree a fair deal on rights and support by extending adequate paternity and maternity rights to freelancers, supporting them to take up training, and designing a welfare system more sympathetic to their needs.


*This promotion is available to both existing IPSE members and new joiners.

*The promotion is open to residents of the United Kingdom who can provide proof of their recent (within the last 12 months) or upcoming (within the next 12 months) birth or adoption of their child. Examples of eligible proof are a MAT B1 form or adoption certificate.

*For a sixty per cent (60%) discount on six (6) months of membership. Annual payers will see this discount applied to the total fee for membership. Monthly payers will see the discount applied to the total cost of twelve (12) months of membership and will then pay in equal instalments for the twelve (12) months of membership.

*The promotion is available on the Community, Kickstart, Freelancer, Umbrella, and Director membership categories, as well as legacy Essentials, Standard, and Plus levels of membership.