Professional Photographer and Dog Walker John Bloomfield

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We spoke to professional photographer and dog walker John Bloomfield. John's love for his work and the positivity it has brought into his life has been inspiring for us all. 

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Can you describe your self-employed business?

I used to work in the insurance industry, and I just decided after a while that I wanted to do something that I actually liked and enjoyed rather than what people classed as a good job. So I started Dogs, Mogs and Sprogs, which encompasses my two passions of photography and animals. I've been self-employed for just over four years now.

I've always had a passion for animals; having dogs, cats, rabbits etc of my own. Being able to combine this passion with being in the open air, looking after other people's animals is just the ideal job.


John walking dogs
John petting a dog


Why did you join IPSE?

I heard about IPSE through social media. The only thing I don't like about being self-employed is you don't really have anyone else to rely on. And that's where IPSE comes in. For me personally, it's more about what they're offering me in the future. I've seen the work that they have done for a lot of the self-employed, and it just appealed to me.

The membership gives me some peace of mind to know that I've now got the insurance cover for things like jury service, illness, that kind of thing. Because again, being self-employed, you don't really have anyone else to help you. IPSE is a valuable resource for me. It's helpful to know that there's a lawyer to give you some advice at the end of the end of a telephone call, or tax advice.


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IPSE Member Stories: Photographer and Dog Walker John Bloomfield


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