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As an organisation for the self-employed, the IPSE membership is full of inspirational stories and individuals. From the bravery of embarking on a freelance career, to overcoming challenges as a contractor, we want to share the knowledge and experiences of our members to help more people succeed in building their own careers and businesses.

Squarespace Designer Katy Carlisle

The IPSE community is full of brilliant individuals building their self-employed careers and businesses. In our series of Member Story interviews, we share their knowledge, advice and experiences to help and inspire others.

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Athletics Coach Gianni Frankis

As a GB International hurdler and under-23 European medallist, Gianni Frankis wanted to use the skills he’d honed over years in athletics to build his own business, 110% Beyond Your Limits, to provide coaching and related services.

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Enterprise Consultant Adrian Ashton

After more than 18 years in self-employment, Enterprise Consultant Adrian Ashton has a wealth of knowledge and useful insights for anyone looking to build a sustainable, long-term career.

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Market Research and Data Analyst Susie Mullen

As a specialist in market research and data analysis, we spoke to Susie Mullen about her move from senior roles in-house to working for herself, and how her business has developed.

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Entrepreneur network and marketing consultancy founder Nadine Campbell

Nadine Campbell is an award winner for both the marketing consultancy she founded, and the ACE Entrepreneurs business network. We spoke to her about growing both businesses, and the lessons learned along the way.

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Business Consultant Fran Varley

Find out more about how working independently led to the creation of a boutique change and improvement consultancy which supports a range of clients and also collaborates with other small businesses and freelancers.

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John Bloomfield


Professional Photographer and Dog Walker John Bloomfield

We spoke to professional photographer and dog walker John Bloomfield. Formerly a professional in the insurance industry, John decided to pursue his passion instead, and this shows in the love for his work and the positivity it has brought into his life.

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Profile imageSteve Folland.png


Podcast and Video Producer Steve Folland

As a fairly well-known figure within UK freelancing, we wanted to speak to podcast and video producer Steve Folland about his work for clients, and also growing the Being Freelance podcast and community.

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Consultant Naval Architect and Engineer Andrew Comley

In addition to being self-employed in a fascinating industry for many years, Andrew also shares his insight into how working for himself with Asperger’s makes his business stand out, and how he uses the flexibility of freelancing to manage chronic pain.

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Solicitor Kim Huggins

We spoke to Kim about how she went from the idea of working for herself to establishing a successful self-employed business, helping a wide variety of businesses with a range of legal matters over the last five years.

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Marketing Consultant Luan Wise

With more than a decade in self-employment, we spoke to Luan about how she started out, plans for the future, and how she has benefitted from the resources and opportunities available as an IPSE member.

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International Trade Consultant Lucinda O’Reilly

We interviewed Lucinda about her business, the experience of setting up and finding the first clients, how IPSE membership has supported her so far, and where it can continue to help her in the future.

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