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MyDocSafe is a UK-based electronic signature, client portal and workflow automation provider.  We help small companies digitise, automate and secure their processes such as contract signing, clients onboarding and secure document and data exchange.  

Our affordable pricing lets you reduce your IT bill by replacing multiple vendors with our one-stop-shop platform. Sign up today to see how much you can save.




Our Services

Digital Signature

Electronic Signature

We offer an electronic signature platform capable of dealing with both simple and complex transactions.  Qualified signatures are also available.

Client portals

Client portals

Our client portals can be easily configured to fit your requirement and can be white labelled to show your logo, colours and domain name. Use them to securely share documents, request data, trigger workflows and up-sell your services.

Business proposals

Business Proposals

Send quotes and proposals easily with SalesFlows, our easy-to-use workflow editor lets you assemble client offers that include services, prices, questionnaires, contracts, your marketing materials, videos, payments and even ID verification.



Watch this video to learn more about MyDocSafe

Watch this video to learn more about MyDocSafe



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IPSE members qualify for 20% off their first year subscription. If required, sign up to a free weekly webinar to see the platform in action.

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Do not hesitate to get in touch with MyDocSafe if you have any queries regarding the services:

Telephone: +44 1234 675770
Email: [email protected]
Address: DocSafe Limited, 38 Mill Street, Bedford i-kan, MK40 3HD, Bedford

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