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Are You a Salesperson?

We are all salespeople… maybe not all of us all the time, but more often than we care to realise.

Do you try to persuade different personalities of your point of view?

Do you use stories, anecdotes or examples to get your point across?

Are you curious and always questioning things?

Would life be easier if you could overcome objections more effectively?

Do you believe in something so passionately that you want to share it with others?

Is there a project you’re working on, but struggling to prioritise and create urgency around?

Are you looking to negotiate through a situation?

Then you’re a salesperson. Be proud of it.

You might as well learn to do it better. Because we are all required to barter, trade and haggle more often than we care to consider and frequently when it matters greatly.




London School of Sales was created for SALESPEOPLE by salespeople to provide you with the essential SALES SKILLS and techniques you need to overcome the daily challenges you face. Develop a PERSONAL TOOLKIT and a GROWTH MINDSET needed to excel in your sales career, whether you are just starting out, want to improve your performance or step up as a team leader. Our approach to sales training is PRACTICAL and HONEST, and delivered safely online through our cutting-edge platform.


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IPSE member discount of 15% off the full price for 12 months access to the Essential Sales Skills and Sales Management Toolkit e-learning programmes from London School of Sales.

Our trailblazing programmes will take you on a journey. It’s about building a mindset and equipping you with tried and tested techniques and tools that will lead you to excellence in sales.

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Skills Scan

This free short evaluation provides an instant personal summary scorecard on sales behaviours. It highlights potential areas for improvement and enhancement.

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Essential Sales Skills

Unlock your sales potential, performance and skillset with our seven essential selling techniques. This e-learning course will boost sales success and your confidence.

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Sales Management Toolkit

Develop a personal toolkit and the growth mindset needed to improve performance. Become adaptable to any situation and be able to respond with confidence as an exceptional sales manager and leader.

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