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The IPSE Member Directory is a dedicated platform for members to get to know their fellow professionals, connect with each other, and find that next collaborator.

IPSE membership is a thriving community, full of self-employed individuals from all industries and with a wide range of expertise. The directory provides members with the space to take advantage of this unique and wonderful group! 

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What is it?  

You've been approached by a big client for a project that will require some work outside of your skill set, where do you turn to for trusted potential collaborators? Or perhaps you're new to your industry and are looking for others in that space to network with and build connections.   

The IPSE member directory is an online resource that allows members to showcase their work and search for other members by location, skill set, and industry. The directory also includes a messaging feature where members can connect with each other and share advice and resources.  

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A valuable tool for your business

Wondering how you can make the most of the IPSE Member Directory?


Showcase your skills and business

Add images, video, portfolios, your IPSE Member Story, socials, and more information about you, so others can get to know you better, such as your Strava profile or Spotify playlists!

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Find the right person

Looking for someone you met at one of our events, a potential collaborator on your project, or a mentoring opportunity? Use the powerful search features to help you find the right person. Browse the full directory or search and filter by name, skills, industry, years in self-employment and more.


Connect and collaborate

The directory includes a messaging service where members can connect with each other and share advice and resources. This can help you collaborate with other professionals on projects or simply get advice from others in your field.  

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Advice and support at your fingertips

With such a diverse and experienced membership, you can always find the advice and support you need to help your business thrive. We offer our 1-2-1 Success Sessions with a range of experts in their field, but you can also browse the directory to find the connections you need.

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How does it work?

As soon as you become an IPSE member you'll be given access to join the member directory. Using the same login details that you do for the IPSE site, you can join the directory and start building your profile.   

Complete your profile by filling out details such as your skills, industry, and work history. Plus, you can upload portfolios, share links to work you have done, add your social media profiles, and more. 

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