Contract failure cover

Get compensated for loss of earnings if your end client or agency doesn't meet the terms of your contract

What is it?

As many seasoned contractors will tell you, you can take all the right steps and precautions, and do some exceptional work, but if your end client or the agency you’re working through doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, it could all be for nothing.  

It’s a risk that many freelancers take by working for themselves on a project-by-project basis, but it isn’t a risk that they should have to bear the financial burden of.  

As an IPSE Freelancer or Director member, if you find yourself in a situation where your end client or agency doesn’t meet the terms of the contract that is in place, IPSE will compensate you up to £1,000 based on your day rate as per your current contract.  

Membership category Freelancer Director
Level of cover Up to £1,000 Up to £1,000


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How does it work?

To be eligible to claim for this benefit, your client or agency must have breached the terms of your contract. For example, if your client were to terminate your contract (either before starting or during) without giving the proper notice as outlined in your contract with them, you could claim for the amount owed for that notice period. If they have terminated the contract but followed all the correct procedures from the contract, your claim will not be eligible.  

To claim, fill out a straightforward claim form and send it to our membership team in an email with some additional evidence, then we’ll take care of the rest. If your claim is approved, IPSE will compensate you up to £1,000 based on your day rate as per your current contract. 


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