Unlimited co-working

Unlimited co-working with AndCo through your IPSE membership

Join thousands moving to a more enlightened way of working.

More and more teams and individuals are discovering that work is not a choice between commuting to an office and working from home.

Now you can enjoy over 400 workspaces, and a great discount on all meeting rooms, all included with your IPSE membership.

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Co-working without the colossal costs.

Why pay for an expensive office or a conventional co-working space, when you work at any one of our locations? IPSE have partnered with AndCo who have opened up workspaces in hotels and other venues, so you can enjoy a work lifestyle like no other, all with an IPSE membership.



Save £240 with an IPSE membership

AndCo membership is now included when signing up to IPSE, saving you £20 a month at no additional cost - that’s a saving of £240 a year!

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Works like clockwork.

Choose a location. Find a desk. And book it. All on the AndCo app. In just a few clicks.

Your desk will be reserved for you. Show your booking confirmation on arrival and settle into your workspace. All with secure, superfast AndCo wifi, plus discounts on food and drink, all included with your IPSE membership.

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How it works?


Become an IPSE member

Join IPSE and get access to this plus many other benefits.

Visit AndCo website

Click the button below to visit the AndCo website.

Create an AndCo account

Create an AndCo account using your IPSE membership number as a coupon code, select the free trial option and start booking your workspaces.

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Member community

Connect with other professionals and belong to a community on the AndCo member network, our internal social platform.


Opening hours

Our spaces are open during weekday daytime working hours. You can see exact opening times when you book, and any one-off closures will be marked unavailable on the site.



Fast & secure wifi

We install our own wifi networks in our spaces. It’s lightning-fast and fully secure. You use your normal account login details to access the wifi, so no tricky passwords.


Work hard, play hard

Winding down is just as important as working. Enjoy great food, drink and atmosphere when the work day is over.



New spaces

We’re constantly adding new spaces, and are on track to have hundreds across the capital soon.


Co-worker etiquette

We ask our members to respect each other by keeping noise to a minimum, and following our community guidelines.


Search and book wherever you are.

Booking the perfect space is a breeze. Whether on mobile, tablet or laptop, easily browse by location, date and vibe.


Have a location to suggest?

AndCo is looking to expand their co-working locations to span across the UK. Where would you like to see the next one? If you're an IPSE member and don't currently see any near you, let us know using the form below.

Please ensure you are logged in to make a suggestion.

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Unlimited bookings with your IPSE membership.

Get access to all the benefits you need as a freelancer.



When will I have access to this benefit?

If you have been an IPSE member for more than two weeks, you can access this benefit right now! If you have only just recently joined, there is a waiting period to use this benefit, however AndCo offer a free trial period that you can take advantage of in the meantime. If you create an AndCo account for the free trial, please remember to log into your account and add your promotional code (your IPSE membership number) within the Membership and billing tab after 10 days of IPSE membership has elapsed.

I don't see any locations near me, when will there be some?

AndCo is looking to expand their co-working locations to span across the UK and are growing fast. They want our members' feedback as to where they should go next! Fill out our quick form to let us know where you would like to see the next space.

How do I use this benefit?

Using this benefit is very simple - Your IPSE membership number acts as your unique coupon code on the AndCo website to give you free access. Here's how to sign up:

  1.  When creating an account on the AndCo website, select the free trial option.
  2.  Fill out your name, email address and create a password. 
  3.  You will be sent a 6 digit verification code via email which you need to fill in, please make sure you check your spam folder.
  4.  Please fill out your payment details so that AndCo can verify you as a proper customer and so you have the ability to purchase meeting rooms, should you want to, in the future. This is also where you input your IPSE membership number in the coupon code section, to redeem your free AndCo membership. You will not be charged for your monthly AndCo membership.
  5. Confirm your payment by hitting “Start my trial” NOT “Buy Annual Membership”.

Once the free trial has ended, you will continue to receive the service for free as long as you are an IPSE member. If you run into any issues, simply reach out to us and we'll sort it. If you have already created an AndCo account previously, simply log into your account and add your promotional code within the Membership and billing tab.

Do I have to provide card details when signing up?

AndCo's sign up process requires you to input your card details, however as long as you use your membership number as your coupon code and you are a Valid IPSE member, you will not be charged for booking a desk. Select the option to start a free trial when signing up. Once the trial period has ended, you will not be charged. If you would like to book a meeting room, you will receive a discounted rate for the room and the payment card you used to create the account will be charged. If you stop being an IPSE member, your AndCo membership will be deactivated.

Do I have to pay for anything extra to use this benefit?

This benefit is included in your IPSE membership, which makes it absolutely free to use when booking a desk. AndCo monthly membership is usually £20 a month, but for you, it's £0. If you would like to book a meeting room, you will receive a discounted rate for the room and the payment card you used to create the account will be charged.

Can I get discounts and savings on refreshments at AndCo venues?

When booking a venue, check its profile page to see if the venue you’re booking has a 10% discount or special offer on their food and drink. When you book an AndCo Plus venue you will receive a free coffee as part of your booking.

Do I have to pay for meeting rooms?

If you would like to book a meeting room, you will receive a discounted rate for the room and the payment card you used to create the account will be charged. Booking a desk however is completely free with membership.