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We represent you and guide you on your journey ahead

Whether you identify as being self-employed or as a freelancer, a contractor or a business owner, a founder or an entrepreneur or a gig worker, we are the one voice to represent all.
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One community, one voice

  • The self-employed are stronger together. That’s why we bring you together, to champion and advocate on your behalf to government and industry.
  • Run by members, for all the self-employed: We are driven by the strength of our members. We provide you with a safety net and a community, but we work to better the environment for the UK’s five million self-employed.


Our members...

  • Value freedom and flexibility
  • Take risks to pursue rewards
  • Are passionate and brave in what they do
  • Strive to be experts in their fields
  • Celebrate the diversity of self-employment
  • Are stronger together, through a united voice to industry and government.

An IPSE membership means
supporting the UK’s self-employed.

IPSE is the only organisation dedicated to representing the
UK’s self-employed
and are always working hard to meet your needs.

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IPSE research

IPSE is at the forefront of research into freelancing and self-employment. We work with our members, leading academic institutions and research agencies to provide empirical evidence about evolving market trends and the role of self-employment in the modern economy.

The Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE) is the leading international think tank working to improve the understanding of the self-employment sector and its impact on the economy. IPSE is proud to have been a driver in the creation of this pioneering think tank that is motivated and informed by real business practice and public policy.

Armed with more knowledge, we are in a better position to influence policy-makers and create a fairer, friendlier environment for anyone working for themselves. We regularly ask for our members to get involved with our leading research work, so you can make your voice heard at the highest levels of government and industry. Have a read through our previous research reports.


We are constantly exploring the
self-employed landscape through our research.

IPSE’s research team run a packed schedule of research throughout the year to explore the self-employed landscape,
examine the key issues and concerns of the sector and gather evidence to support IPSE’s policy positions.

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IPSE campaigns

Our policy and external affairs team work with government and right across the political landscape to make the UK a fairer place to be freelance or self-employed.

Not only do we carry out innovative research and develop robust policy; we also work with partners right across the sector and build relationships with key decision-makers in government. 

Our recent policy work has been some of the most significant in IPSE’s history, with our work with the Chancellor on the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, and campaigns for wider self-employment support. Find out more about the work we are doing in our policy team.

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