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With more than 80% of businesses failing due to poor cash flow and millions of pounds worth of outstanding invoices, Muse set about to improve cash flow efficiency for small businesses and help them forecast their future finances.

We built an app which takes your real financial data and helps you forecast your cash flow for the foreseeable future. It allows you to see any inefficiency, or possible strains on your future finances.

Alongside this we have a fully functional business bank account, with all transactions feeding real-time into our app. It provides a centralised location for your business finances and an easy view of the financial health of your business.

Underpinning this we offer an invoice financing facility. Fast and painless to use and it allows you to free up cash flow held in unpaid invoices within 24 hours - all through your phone. We buy your invoices and release the cash with no personal guarantees or credit risk.

Services provided