Become an IPSE Partner to support the self-employed.

The global employment landscape is changing fast, with an increasing amount of people leaving their 9 to 5 jobs behind and choosing to become their own boss. Becoming an IPSE partner is an opportunity to support the UK's smallest businesses while shaping the discussion around how to best nurture the flexible economy.

As a Partner, you will have access to:

  • Your own dedicated landing page to highlight your work and the ways in which you support IPSE members
  • Branded communications
  • Advertising opportunities in both the IPSE magazine and MyMoney magazine
  • Deals on event sponsorship - including exhibition space and speaking opportunities
  • Social media promotion of your events, research and news
  • Opportunities for involvement in policy and research publications
  • A professionally filmed case study of your product or service by an IPSE member
  • ... and more!

For more information on becoming an IPSE Partner, please fill out the below form and our Business Development team will get back to you.


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