What you DO gets you the interview

Who you ARE gets you the contract

QDooz brings you quality content, curated from coaches, mentors and subject matter experts to help you become the best version of yourself. We provide the tools that can help you develop rapport, hone your presentation skills and even build your courage and confidence to be successfully self-employed.

Discover the secrets of high achievers

QDooz is an innovative, tailored, on-demand, CPD-accredited, digital toolkit for developing the Soft Skills and Qualities you need to thrive in a changing world of work.

  • ​Hundreds of hours of articles, videos and audio, in easy bite-size formats
  • Each article comes with key takeaways for you to apply in real life
  • QSignature to help you express your Soft Skills and Qualities in interviews or performance reviews 

QDooz Premium includes:

  • Self-reflection diary to log your learnings and activate CPD tracking
  • Easily export your progress on a CPD Accredited Certificate to send to your membership organisation
  • Q360, a tool to get validation and feedback on your performance and development


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