Farillio, makes law fast, simple and affordable for small businesses across the UK

Meet the only digital legal account that gives you the tried and tested recipes for the business outcomes you want. 

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Accessible from any device, it’s the go-to smart platform for when you need to…

  • Get information that you can immediately action
  • Create robust, user-friendly legal documents that easily tailor to you (and learn from the choices you make)
  • Get quick, affordable, expert answers to your business questions
  • Collaborate with anyone you choose, simply and securely, to produce, sign, keep and repeat what you create for no extra cost


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As an IPSE member, you automatically get free access to a bunch of Farillio templates, guides, and step-by-step video tutorials to help you when you sign up to Farillio…

Work with contract terms that are best for your business

One of the most important pieces of protection for any self-employed person is a strong contract.

Your Farillio template contains all the critical stuff, including key wording about payments and IP protection.

And the easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial will have your contract ready to use in no time!

Keep your confidential information confidential

Often, the rights of the self-employed aren’t protected when it comes to what’s confidential. You’re often asked to protect your clients’ confidential info, but what about yours? .

That’s where mutual NDAs come in – they work just like any other NDA for your client, but they protect you and your business too – so everyone’s happy (and protected)!

Protect your intellectual property from being copied

Protect your business’ name and logo from being copied by other businesses. 

Make sure your creativity and IP is working for you, creating real value that you can protect and sell.


So that’s what you get as an IPSE member.

But what else could you get if you were a Farillio member too?

With a Farillio membership, you could also access a huge number of guides, templates and tutorials designed to join the dots between law and running every other part of your business, including…














It’s about time that law caught up with the modern world.

From the very start of your business adventure to the highest point of each success (and every step in between!), you’ll need a whole host of documents, a range of expert guidance, and a means of collaborating with and managing all of that in a way that works for you.

Farillio’s got you covered.

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