Contract Review Terms and Conditions


Markel Tax - Markel Tax is a trading division of Markel Tax and Consultancy Services Limited (ATCS),  all Contract review services are completed by Markel Tax

Agreement – Contract entered into upon completion of payment for Contract review service on IPSE website as outlined by the clauses below.

Contract Review Service – Service provided by Markel Tax to the Individual via the IPSE website as outlined in the Clauses below.

Individual – An IPSE Member or Non-member who has made use of the Contract review service via the IPSE website.

IPSE - The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, number 03770926, with registered offices at Heron House, 10 Dean Farrar Street, London, SW1H 0DX.

IPSE Member – A person who is currently a member or life member of IPSE, as defined in the articles of association of IPSE.

Non-member –A person who is not currently a IPSE life member or IPSE Member, or chooses not to use the Contract review service as an IPSE Member.

Services/ Service- The Contract review service stated within the clause below, delivered by Markel Tax.

We, Us , Our – IPSE.

Working day – Normal business hours (Generally 9am to 5 pm GMT), excludes weekends or Public Holidays.

You, Your, Yours – The Individual making use of the Contract review Service

Where appropriate words referring to males include females and vice versa.

This document is for descriptive purposes only and is subject to all the eligibility provisions and all other terms, conditions and limitations applicable



Section 1: Services

1 a: Eligibility

The Contract Review Service is available to both non-members and members of IPSE. If you are lapsed in your IPSE membership, the contract review service can only be offered as a non-member service until such time as payment for membership is made and membership is reinstated.

Neither IPSE nor Markel Tax shall have any obligation under this Agreement to provide service where the individual has failed to pay for the service requested.

1 b: Extent of Services

The Services shall comprise of Markel Tax’s review of, and their electronically delivered analysis of, the contract that you upload via the IPSE website. An additional questionnaire will be supplied to you from Markel Tax via email after payment. Please note; if application is made outside of Working hours the questionnaire may not be sent until the next working day. 

Where Express contract review service has been selected: MArkel Tax will complete and return the review within 1 working day (usually 24 hours) from receipt of the completed questionnaire Where the standard contract review service is used Markel Tax will complete and return the review within 5 working days from receipt of the completed questionnaire. The aforementioned delivery timescales relate to normal business hours and excludes weekends or Public Holidays.

Markel Tax shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure the Services are reasonably consistent with the description of the Contract Review Service provided on IPSE’s website. Any variations or additions to the Services agreed between the individual and Markel Tax are not covered by this Agreement and should be agreed directly between the individual and Markel Tax.


Section 2: Fees

2 a: Payment for serviced

The individual will be asked to make full payment for the service upon submission:

2 b: Additional payments

Where the total documentation submitted to be reviewed is excessively lengthy and in excess of 50 pages Markel Tax, at its absolute discretion, may deem it necessary to charge an additional fee to cover the extra time required to conduct the review.  You will be advised of any anticipated additional fee by Markel Tax directly and have the opportunity to consider this prior to the commencement of the review.

Where the individual requests additional services from Markel Tax whether in relation to the documentation submitted or otherwise, the individual shall agree such additional services with Markel Tax directly and these additional services are not covered by this Agreement.


Section 3: Confidentiality

3 a: Information sharing

IPSE will share with Markel Tax only information given on the contract review application form Markel Tax will not share this information with any third parties without prior explicit consent from the individual.

IPSE shall not, use any information supplied by the individual to IPSE under this Agreement, for any purpose other than the provision of the Contract Review Service and for the resolution of complaints under clause 4 below.


Section 4: Complaints

4 a: Making a complaint

If an individual is dissatisfied with any aspect of the Services, they may communicate with Markel Tax directly or the complaint may be sent in writing to the IPSE membership team ([email protected]) or communicated by telephone to the same team.


Section 5: Termination

5 a: Termination by Individual

Upon receipt of the payment the contract review may be terminated by you only with direct agreement from both IPSE and Markel Tax only under exceptional circumstances, as agreed by all parties. You may remain liable to cover cost of work already undertaken.

5 b: Termination by Markel Tax or IPSE

The contract review may be termianted by Markel Tax or IPSE under the following circumstance;

a) The individual is in material breach of this Agreement (including failure to pay fees due under this Agreement or IPSE membership fees on time); or

b) The individual has breached this Agreement, has received written notice to remedy the breach, but has failed to remedy the breach within a reasonable period of time.

The individual will remain liable for any fees due where the provision of the Services has commenced prior to the effective date of termination.


Section 6: Liability

6 a: Extent of Service

 Services provided pursuant to this Agreement are not intended to constitute comprehensive legal advice. IPSE shall not be liable to the individual for any incorrect, negligent or wrong advice. Markel Tax are required to use reasonable skill and care in the execution of the Services.

Neither IPSE not Markel Tax will be liable for any delay in performing or failure to perform Services if the delay or failure results from any circumstance beyond their reasonable control.

Neither IPSE nor Markel Tax shall be liable under any circumstances for any indirect or consequential losses or damage including but not limited to; loss of profits, revenue, goodwill, anticipated savings or for claims by third parties arising out of the provision of the Services or for their failure to perform any of their obligations under this Agreement.

6 b: Accuracy of information

The individual agrees to provide information reasonably requested by Markel Tax in relation to the provision of the Services pursuant to this Agreement.  The individual understands that advice provided by Markel Tax may be affected by inaccurate information and the individual shall ensure that information they provides is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

You understand that it is in your best interests to check with your insurers regarding the scope of your insurance policy to cover your contractual commitments and neither IPSE nor Markel Tax shall be liable for any losses arising from a failure to show a contract to your insurers and/or following Markel Tax’s advice.