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At IPSE, we understand that risks is part and parcel of self-employment. That's why we're always on hand with the services to protect you: from legal support and tax defence to life assurance.


Big companies can look after themselves, but what about you? IPSE works hard day in day out to represent the interests of the self-employed in government and across the country.


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IPSE are here to take care of you and help grow your business. We keep your mind at ease, with taxation cover, default cover, life assurance and much more.


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IPSE makes it easier to be your own boss. Receive a wide range of benefits to help protect and grow your business, from sickness and injury cover to training and networking opportunities.



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IPSE is at the forefront of research into self-employment. We work with our members, leading academic institutions and research partners to understand the role of self-employment in the economy.


IPSE's Policy and External Affairs team is dedicated to working with Government and Parliament to ensure the UK is a fairer place to be a freelancer and self-employed. We achieve this by building relationships with key decision makers; developing robust policy; working with key partners across the sector; and undertaking innovative research.



IPSE CC Nominations

IPSE’s Consultative Council Voting is Now Open

The lifeblood of any organisation stems from its members and within IPSE this important aspect is embodied through our 30-strong Consultative Council (CC). As IPSE grows and evolves, it is vital that all sectors of our membership are represented on the CC, and we need members from all walks of freelance life to come forward and help shape the future of the organisation.

Election to the CC is open to any full member of IPSE who feels that they have something to contribute and being a CC member is an essential part of IPSE’s governance structureYou are an expert on the way that you work and the issues that you face.

The voting process for the IPSE’s Consultative Council election has opened.

How to vote online:

  • Visit 
  • Log in 
  • Go to “Dashboard & Candidates”
  • Vote for your chosen candidate(s) - you may vote for up to a maximum of eight candidates.


You may cast your votes for up to a maximum of eight candidates. You must confirm each vote separately, and once confirmed your vote cannot be changed. You do not have to cast all eight votes, but if you reach the limit of eight you will be unable to vote for further candidates.

The election ends at 12:00pm on 1st June 2018 and the results will be published on the main IPSE website shortly after the election closes. Successful candidates will be elected for a term of three years. A CC member may not serve more than two terms in any nine year period. No CC member may serve more than three terms.

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We organise around 100 events every year throughout the UK. These range from practical seminars, workshops, roundtables and webinars, to our annual flagship event National Freelancers Day and the IPSE Awards cermony.

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