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Contractor calculators: estimate your income as a contractor

If you are thinking about starting out as a freelancer, contractor or consultant or if you about to take on a new contract, then you need to be able to project your earnings based on the way that you operate and understand the impact that changes will make to your lifestyle. The range of calculators provided will give invaluable support:

Limited Company Calculator

Calculate profit, corporation taxes, and dividends.

Umbrella Calculator

Calculate taxes and take home pay when using an umbrella company.

VAT Calculator

Calculate VAT amounts for invoicing.

PAYE/NI + Net Salary Calculator

Quickly calculate PAYE income tax, N.I and net pay.

Mortgage calculator

Find out what the repayments would be on a given interest rate using our calculator and contact ContractorFinancials using the mortgage finder form for personalised advice.

Mortgage Calculator

Click here to use our mortgage calculator and work out what repayment rate will suit you best.

Any questions call the mortgage helpline 0845 062 8888 and quote "IPSE"

Useful calculators (Pension, Tax, Financial Planning, Investment)

These calculators have been provided to help you better understand your financial situation, both in terms of what your existing plans may provide, and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. They are easy to use and cover a number of basic areas.

Useful calculators from IPSE affiliate Wealth Matters

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