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IPSE announces flexible benefits for the self-employed
IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has today launched IPSE Futures – the organisation’s very own member benefit scheme designed with the UK’s 4.5million self-employed people in mind.

Dominic Arnold, Head of Tax Investigations at Moore Stephens comments on HMRC’s Contractor Loans Settlement Opportunity (CLSO).

IPSE's Policy and External Affairs Adviser, Jordan Marshall, tackles the key points from the Queen's speech.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed the Government agenda laid out in the Queen's speech.

After weeks of promoting, supporting, nail-biting and voting, the results for the Consultative Council Elections 2015 are in.
Thanks to all those who put themselves forward as candidates, and to all those who voted.
The results are as follows:



Plans were announced within the Budget to abolish the personal tax return, with the Chancellor describing it as too ‘complex, costly and time consuming,’ writes  Christopher Oxley, Danbro Group business development accountant.

Lorence Nye, IPSE's Economic Policy Adviser, takes a look at today's inflation figures.
Two in five self-employed people (38%) interested in taking out a mortgage are concerned they’ll never get one because they work independently.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed the announcement that a Small Business Conciliation Service will be created to tackle late payment.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today reacted to the Bank of England’s Consumer Price Inflation survey, turned negative in April, falling to -0.1%.

Commenting on the report, Chris Bryce, IPSE Chief Executive, said:

30/05/2015 02:07
‘Innovation map’ reveals wide spread of UK #enterprise. http://t.co/z0PiwNG3ae http://t.co/QoB5oJ0Zvw
30/05/2015 00:41
UK sees deflation for first time since 1960. http://t.co/KQkclTzylG @LorenceIPSE http://t.co/0gVjvhwZOL
29/05/2015 17:02
Two in five self-employed concerned they’ll never get mortgage. http://t.co/3BXxnAKU9Q http://t.co/k1vO1hKlI1
29/05/2015 15:48
@InTouchAcc And you!
29/05/2015 15:38
The 2015 Consultative Council Elections results are in! http://t.co/Sr6ahsEdtL http://t.co/QuTscWQAnz
29/05/2015 15:36
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28/05/2015 15:42
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28/05/2015 15:38
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28/05/2015 09:06
@MattWilsonChily Hmm I'd probably say inbound (if very high quality), but then again you need both to achieve best results.
28/05/2015 09:03
RT @Verus360: Useful summary of Queen's Speech for #SMEs: comments from @britishchambers @teamIPSE @TeamCrunch http://t.co/3kD4StC3IM | @e_
27/05/2015 15:48
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EVENT: 'How to save money on tax, financial planning, and #IR35 made easy' in Cambridge, Thursday 4th June from 6pm. http://t.co/Cd39VnFnXR
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27/05/2015 11:17
@jpstacey @machinestarts @accessjames Thanks for the recommendation J-P!
27/05/2015 11:16
@machinestarts Hi Chris, we should be able to help! Have you seen our IPSE Futures page? https://t.co/AnWQIiHg5N
27/05/2015 11:09
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@oraclematt Thanks for the recommendation Matt. @captain_flymo please do let me know if I can answer any questions you may have. ^Jamie
27/05/2015 09:45
@shipsandpigs It's an issue that affects a lot of #selfemployed. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
27/05/2015 09:43
@Cheepcheepcopy Our in-house policy team devised the @IPSEwestminster manifesto. http://t.co/mH16gyGOq9
27/05/2015 09:38
RT @IPSEwestminster: #QueensSpeech: We expect the announcement of an enterprise bill which could contain action to combat #latepayment.
27/05/2015 09:38
RT @IPSEwestminster: We'll be following the Queen's speech today. Hopefully we'll see some links to our manifesto: http://t.co/MJ2xvUr0Gm h…
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@ContractorCalc Thanks for sharing that guys! #FMB
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@raulrj Thanks for RT'ing Raul.
26/05/2015 15:03
The #smartphone is disrupting the way small businesses are run. Via @Telegraph. http://t.co/tXG1KYkQYH #SmallBiz #SME http://t.co/GIcEiKjcEo
26/05/2015 14:57
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21/05/2015 15:41
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21/05/2015 14:53
IR35, the godfather of all scary. So make sure you're insured against the cost associated with an investigation. http://t.co/jrNFkFH1uK
21/05/2015 14:21
A freelancers contract is golden. So, what are the key elements that make up a good contract? http://t.co/is2Ur61Cdl http://t.co/SaZdOkqJZq
21/05/2015 12:30
5 Reasons You Should Never Meet Your Clients at Starbucks. (Or Costa. Or Cafe Nero. Or any coffee-heavy place) http://t.co/MVW5sRD94n