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On Thursday 30 April the IPSE Policy team will be hosting their first Twitter Chat around the General Election 2015 from 12-1pm via the @IPSEwestminster Twitter account.

IPSE announces flexible benefits for the self-employed
IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has today launched IPSE Futures – the organisation’s very own member benefit scheme designed with the UK’s 4.5million self-employed people in mind.

With the election process for IPSE’s Consultative Council opening soon, we want to make sure you understand why it’s important to consider putting yourself forward for election!

The CC is the crucial elected body within IPSE. It has two main functions:

One of the downsides of breaking away from the 9-5 lull is pushing yourself to stay motivated and on top of your work at home. Of course the pile of bills and empty fridge is motivation enough, but sometimes we all need little tips and tricks to get our mind-set and productivity back on track. Here’s a few helping hints on what you can do to kick start your get-up-and-go.

Jordan Marshall, Policy & External Affairs Adviser at IPSE, takes a look at the latest report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies analysing the economic policies from the key political parties ahead of the general election.

Small businesses who plan to make international payments and transfers in the next 6 weeks may be in for a shock, foreign exchange experts FAIRFX have warned saying that Sterling could now become increasingly volatile as we get closer to the 2015 election.

Research published today shows the number of UK independent professionals has hit 1.88 million, with women leading the way in the decision to go solo.
Last week’s ONS stats highlighted an aspect of the UK economy that casts doubt about the overall strength of its recovery. Productivity has now fallen for the third year running, not since early 1990’s has such a run been seen.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today welcomed a report published by Enterprise Nation, criticising HMRC for their handling and communication of changes to European VAT legislation implemented in January.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has today reacted to the news that supermarket price wars are having serious negative impacts on small scale supermarket suppliers. 
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Book your spot on the 'Tax And Financial Planning' event in Guilford, 6pm, Thurs 30th April. http://t.co/4UWfb9j2G0 http://t.co/zxJ1ARj5B9
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RT @EfipUpdate: A shopping list for our politicians from the self-employed http://t.co/wD3LuVNxRmvia @heraldscotland @teamIPSE
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Women's #Freelance Network: How to Keep Motivated at Home. http://t.co/fRATApoE88 http://t.co/UkV6Zv50OY
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RT @InTouchAcc: #Contractor numbers reach 1.88m, shows research by #IPSE & Kingston University http://t.co/wa2fnOipFA via @ContractorCalc
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#SMEs Urged to Protect Against Currency Shocks Ahead of Election. http://t.co/UxVRwi2YCE by @FairFX #GE2015 http://t.co/G2nX4ojnSN
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Cameron to reveal plans for English only income tax from 2016. http://t.co/ATrbdpw6DF http://t.co/otZBHz8GHy
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.@PopulusPolls predictor shows Miliband’s chances of becoming PM are strengthening. http://t.co/bluSLkAOQX http://t.co/y8t0wSDAfS
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Fragmenting compliance market pushes up specialists’ rates. http://t.co/riks5YkDjI via @Shout99Ltd #Consultant #Contractor
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Women's Freelance Network: How to Keep Motivated at Home http://t.co/fRATApoE88
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Overseas born #entrepreneurs choose UK as base for their business. http://t.co/ByhViLBOpC via @Shout99Ltd
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IFS finds fault with economic plans of main parties http://t.co/XoxKrEa47V
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Why #contractors will always need the courts. http://t.co/hXfIrgJMk3 via @itcontracting
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SMEs Urged to Protect Against Currency Shocks Ahead of Election http://t.co/UxVRwi2YCE
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Pension freedoms to create fresh wave of later life #entrepreneurs. http://t.co/Kf8IpT1Sjg http://t.co/H8no5cgiQB
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Funding circle raises $150m in new boost for London tech sector. http://t.co/PrUs26mSPm http://t.co/yOS2pScjbj
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Independent Professional numbers hit 1.88 million http://t.co/rw2cyidUdt
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Want 37-40% off @altontowers tickets? Get Corporate Discount off w/ IPSE Advantages: http://t.co/QwpA8TgtuS http://t.co/OeB2sJlA42
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"IPSE backs report criticising #HMRC's handling of #VATMOSS" via @BusinessMoney https://t.co/xr39fLmtUA
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Teenage #entrepreneur reinventing the power switch. http://t.co/2CU18C2VeE http://t.co/1VhC5cIslb
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A Message From The CEO - Chris Bryce http://t.co/Ly13JMld3G
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Fall in productivity brings independent professionals to the fore http://t.co/uEkLG8WbNC
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London’s tech sector will grind to a halt without action on infrastructure. http://t.co/BkFmGib2eX http://t.co/6hXhvsU7gp
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Independent professionals due to come to the fore as fall in productivity raises alarm bells http://t.co/uEkLG9dMFa
21/04/2015 15:18
HMRC EU VAT rule assessment underestimated impact by 340,000, says @e_nation report: http://t.co/wUvICNId50 #VATMOSS http://t.co/4mbhW6V5B4
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RT @hiredbyme: @teamIPSE guide to the party manifestos. #2015election http://t.co/hj24edB1Du