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With Christmas just around the corner, IPSE wants to spread a little cheer and wish you all a very merry Christmas. We want to thank you for all your support throughout 2014 and we're so looking forward to you being part of our big plans for 2015.
UK business groups have come together to express their deep concerns about new regulations introduced by HMRC. The proposals will create unnecessary and excessive red tape which will seriously disrupt the labour market. 
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has today welcomed the latest Labour Market Statistics from the Office for National Statistics which once again show a rise in the number of self-employed in the UK.
Labour leader Ed Miliband yesterday pledged to tackle firms undercutting domestic workers through exploiting legal loopholes. Responding to the speech, Andy Chamberlain, Senior Public Affairs Manager at IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed said:
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today voiced deep concerns about the impact of new draft reporting regulations on independent professionals, and the agencies through which they often find work.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed Government plans to set up a small business conciliation service to tackle the problem of late payment.

In an exciting new partnership with Elance-oDesk, IPSE is launching its fourth quarterly survey to track the economic outlook of independent professionals and the self-employed across the UK.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed the Chancellor’s pro-business Autumn Statement.
Andy Chamberlain, Senior Public Affairs Manager at IPSE, said:
6PM - 10PM
19/12/2014 14:54
Press Release: Business groups unite to condemn new HMRC red tape on flexible workers. https://t.co/9TXjaHDyjJ
19/12/2014 09:23
RT @MarkelDirect: Thanks to the team at @teamIPSE for the card - Merry Christmas! http://t.co/RtHzJbHa6D
17/12/2014 14:13
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17/12/2014 08:29
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16/12/2014 12:05
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16/12/2014 10:45
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16/12/2014 09:50
Recap: new regs proposed by HMRC threaten rise of UK's collaborative working culture http://t.co/igrHB8FFcP
15/12/2014 16:04
Press Release: IPSE speaks out as new reporting regulations threaten to derail UK’s flexible workforce http://t.co/igrHB8FFcP
15/12/2014 14:05
RT @ClearSkyAcc: Not long left to participate in @teamIPSE's survey to track economic outlook for self-employed http://t.co/GKnRnwpyJ7
15/12/2014 08:28
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11/12/2014 10:05
RT @BenIPSE: Important updates from @e_nation on the #EU place of supply / #VATMOSS #VATMESS situation http://t.co/MvCByJNuPC
10/12/2014 08:40
@PennyPullan Hi, our policy team are working hard on this behind the scenes. Here's a short blog update on the issue http://t.co/FMnxH8Qxyp
09/12/2014 11:30
Self-employed? Please help us give policy makers a window into your world by filling in our latest survey: http://t.co/zUJc89vVGu
09/12/2014 10:51
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09/12/2014 09:15
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08/12/2014 16:31
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06/12/2014 12:23
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06/12/2014 12:22
RT @IPSEwestminster: .@sajidjavid speech this a.m. calls for a small biz conciliation service. Great to see our ideas being backed by govt …
06/12/2014 09:25
Press release: Self-employment body welcomes Government plans for new small business conciliation service http://t.co/fG8CDIae5R
04/12/2014 15:38
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04/12/2014 15:23
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04/12/2014 08:31
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03/12/2014 15:45
Press Release: IPSE responds positively to today's #AutumnStatement http://t.co/UvM7Ulbws5
03/12/2014 14:41
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03/12/2014 13:49
RT @JordanIPSE: Pleased to hear that gov committed to 'full review of structure of Business Rates' - we'll be calling for cuts in rates for…
03/12/2014 10:50
RT @JordanIPSE: Here's yet another tweet on the #AutumnStatement - the policies we want to see to boost the #selfemployed http://t.co/CbQ1Y
01/12/2014 09:53
Recap: #VATMOSS makes for red tape nightmare for UK's digital #freelancers. More here: http://t.co/FMnxH8Qxyp
28/11/2014 14:41
Read @JordanIPSE on what #VATMOSS means to the UK's independent professionals http://t.co/FMnxH8Qxyp
28/11/2014 14:39
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28/11/2014 13:56
@HawkEditorial @shipsandpigs great to have you with us! Any questions, just give us a shout :)
28/11/2014 13:51
RT @HawkEditorial: Just discovered - and joined - the @teamIPSE after reading about the fantastic success of Hull freelancer @shipsandpigs
28/11/2014 12:55
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28/11/2014 10:34
It's retail hour on Business Connections @TheBusinessShow #TBS2014 http://t.co/VtpN6vTOYv
28/11/2014 10:29
RT @WhitePcock: Loved the BUSINESS CONNECTIONS stand @TheBusinessShow 2day Well done Caroline 4 engaging us all there & Dan at the @teamIP
27/11/2014 15:59
RT @IPSEwestminster: .@JordanIPSE blogs on the new EU VAT regulations that could affect micro-businesses http://t.co/kCyWyWs4c0
27/11/2014 15:50
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27/11/2014 14:46
It's skilled trade and construction hour on business connections #TBS2014 @TheBusinessShow http://t.co/VgqDrgScho
27/11/2014 12:51
A very busy #TBS2014 - can you spot the IPSE gallery? @TheBusinessShow http://t.co/WBqB1NKkgQ
27/11/2014 12:35
A very full Bussiness Connections wall @TheBusinessShow #TBS2014 http://t.co/K1sta5B4S9
27/11/2014 12:30
A full seminar theatre at #TBS2014 for @teamIPSE CEO @cjbryce presentation http://t.co/V6W6CxmY3y
27/11/2014 12:29
In the next hour we will be focussing on the manufacturing industry #TBS2014 http://t.co/fobKIbDcBc
27/11/2014 11:47
RT @BusinessZone: Outlaw terms over 30 days 'to end the scourge of late payment' @teamipse #latepayment #TBS2014 http://t.co/KSErZdwFFL
27/11/2014 11:40
Ecommerce hour is super busy at #TBS2014 http://t.co/OGRtVRVKWw
27/11/2014 11:29
Our art gallery themed stand (662) at #TBS2014- why not come and check it out if you are @TheBusinessShow http://t.co/aFldr81exC
27/11/2014 11:27
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27/11/2014 11:20
On Business Connections at #TBS2014 from 11:30 we will be looking to connect businesses in ecommerce @TheBusinessShow http://t.co/sOEsnLNsXV
27/11/2014 09:22
27/11/2014 08:52
RT @EvansGeorge: I'm heading for @TheBusinessShow where @teamIPSE has a rather exciting art gallery themed stand on 662
26/11/2014 11:15
RT @IPSEwestminster: Press release: IPSE's policy package to end the scourge of late-payment for #selfemployed & #smallbusiness unveiled ht…
25/11/2014 15:42
RT @IPSEwestminster: .@SimonMcVicker & @MPDavidMorris speaking about #self-employment in the studio at @shareradiouk http://t.co/AcyC8NtYfj