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IPSE announces flexible benefits for the self-employed
IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has today launched IPSE Futures – the organisation’s very own member benefit scheme designed with the UK’s 4.5million self-employed people in mind.

With the election process for IPSE’s Consultative Council opening soon, we want to make sure you understand why it’s important to consider putting yourself forward for election!

The CC is the crucial elected body within IPSE. It has two main functions:

IPSE has issued a warning to Government that new reporting requirements will be burdensome for businesses and will distort the contractor market place. This follows the onshore intermediaries’ legislation introduced last year.

Treasury civil servants must be tearing their hair out.

The future of who will lead the United Kingdom will be decided in a couple of months.

The dust has now settled on George Osborne’s sixth and last Budget as Chancellor of this coalition government.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today released a new report which outlines how pension schemes and maternity pay should be re-examined to help the self-employed flourish.

SMEs often have their profitability affected by unpaid bills, some of which have been outstanding for months. This not only means that salaries have to be cut to compensate for the lack of funds but businesses must also put aside their own growth to stay afloat.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed the Government’s new measures to help tackle late payment.
Deputy Director of Policy and External Affairs, Andy Chamberlain, takes a closer look at the Chancellor’s announcements on travel and subsistence expenses in this week’s Budget.
30/03/2015 14:20
@jongreen_uk Not an unreasonable request there Jon.
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@thisisitchypalm No problem at all!
30/03/2015 13:10
Accountants call for a cut in national insurance contributions - http://t.co/vHhkKKEqo8 via @CityAM #NI http://t.co/RetaPUvhoc
30/03/2015 12:27
RT @iamstartacus: @teamIPSE Hi ! We're giving away 2 free tickets to future technology and enterprise conference TMRW in Manchester! http:/…
30/03/2015 12:06
30/03/2015 11:02
.@Santander's big plans for small business - http://t.co/UQ4zNxJUbl via @thetimes #SmallBiz http://t.co/qXUyEvgAWy
30/03/2015 11:00
"Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." --Anonymous #MondayMotivation http://t.co/EhKb3hFkKT
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@SqlBrit Oh that would be good! :)
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@SqlBrit Yes! Very frustrating. Some of the news articles we share do require subscriptions, we try our best to get alt coverage when poss.
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@IDEALondon Thanks guys!
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@kayperbeats No problem Drew! Here's the Storify of the chat: https://t.co/L1CobAhYUK #FreelancerLife
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Are you a #contractor, #freelancer? You need to take care of your own future. http://t.co/rE7Ez7eqbT #Pension http://t.co/gNqlmXOEQw
29/03/2015 14:10
#Pensions & stuff. Boring but necessary. IPSE helps #contractors sort it out. http://t.co/SO43g6G9Gs http://t.co/ja2rr0LfKh
29/03/2015 10:00
#Contractor or #Freelancer? It's up to you to secure your future, but now there's help: http://t.co/rE7Ez7eqbT http://t.co/ZXadZVC3TZ
28/03/2015 16:14
#Pensions and stuff. Boring but necessary. IPSE helps contractors sort it out. http://t.co/SO43g6G9Gs http://t.co/UWWHAWWRiC
28/03/2015 13:15
Are you a #Contractor #Freelancer? It's up to you to secure your future, but now there's help http://t.co/rE7Ez7eqbT http://t.co/F9iT0k4UsG
28/03/2015 10:15
Contractor, freelancer? You need to take care of your own future. http://t.co/rE7Ez7eqbT http://t.co/DH2R4uqQTO
27/03/2015 15:30
@eodhuba No problem at all Eria. We'd love you to join next time! You can see the overview of the last chat here: http://t.co/baLKrGDNQu
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27/03/2015 14:14
Great little article by @aajbutler, 'New to freelancing?' - http://t.co/24lb9GJbc0 Perfect Friday afternoon read.
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27/03/2015 13:21
@thirddoor Great to hear! :)
27/03/2015 12:10
@regusconnect @GemmaWent Some great comments and thoughts from #freelancers. Couldn't have asked for more!
27/03/2015 12:06
.@George_Osborne gives #bitcoin a vote of confidence - http://t.co/unx69JS96Q #smallbiz #GE2015 http://t.co/7NDnpbdxoq
27/03/2015 11:02
The #FreelancerLife chat w/ @GemmaWent was a huge success. Thanks to all! #Storify page: http://t.co/baLKrGDNQu http://t.co/aGrHLxI0iX
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Who won the interview contest on social media? http://t.co/brrgg8txKU #GE2015 http://t.co/qSR0NnSCCD
27/03/2015 08:45
39 days until the #GeneralElection. What are your predictions? What would you change? #Freelancer #Contractor
26/03/2015 17:46
Tax commitments muddy post-election picture http://t.co/jdPkKnzXjD
26/03/2015 16:40
@ahnlak The IPSE scheme is currently not an auto-enrolment compliant scheme, but we do have more info if you’d like us to respond by email.
26/03/2015 16:31
UK 2015 – What’s in store for contractors? http://t.co/YMXQ9lCTdz
26/03/2015 15:16
IPSE announces flexible benefits for the self-employed http://t.co/7LWeyDUpXA
26/03/2015 15:12
IPSE Futures is live! Pension scheme, Life Assurance & Flexible Benefits for #freelancers: http://t.co/SO43g6G9Gs http://t.co/DjlGPlwOD1
26/03/2015 12:44
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26/03/2015 12:23
@mikehall2512 Sorry for the confusion Mike!
26/03/2015 12:14
@mikehall2512 The actual launch will be later this afternoon Mike. Please do check back after around 2pm.
26/03/2015 12:08
@mikehall2512 Hi Mike, it's live already! http://t.co/oYC4jDPrmZ
26/03/2015 10:10
26/03/2015 10:09
@danieldrave Fantastic Daniel. Great to hear. :D #FreelancerLife
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@CliveTucker606 You're welcome Clive. Thank you for the kind words. Congrats on the 10 year anniversary.
26/03/2015 10:08
RT @CliveTucker606: 10 years ago to the day since I first walked on to a client site as an Oracle contractor. Thanks @WhitefieldTax @teamI
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