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The Prime Minister, David Cameron, today (20 November) met with the winners of a nationwide competition to find the nation’s best self-employed professionals. 
The Government celebrated National Freelancers Day (NOV 19TH) by announcing the appointment of David Morris MP as the UK’s first ever self- employed ambassador who will bang the drum for freelancers throughout the UK.
IPSE Research Manager, Suneeta Johal rounds-up the latest IPSE Research Seminar – The Global Workshop on Freelancing & Independent Professional Research.
Nicola, Queen of Scots. Amid surging popularity for the Scottish National Party (SNP), she will replace Salmond and assume the role of First Minister tomorrow.
Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna MP, has today supported National Freelancers Day which “shines a spotlight on Britain’s independent professionals”.

Tastecard is the UK’s largest Diner’s Club. As an IPSE member, you're able to buy an annual card for just £29.99!

Editor, Louis Clark explores ways Tech City can provide affordable office space for budding tech start-ups. 
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has responded to the ONS Labour Market statistics released today.
Chris Bryce, Chief Executive of IPSE, said:
Lorely Burt, Government Ambassador for Women and Enterprise, has today shown her support for National Freelancers Day, the UK’s biggest celebration of self-employed professionals.
Something we’ve always recommended here at IPSE is to have each contract your business wins thoroughly reviewed by experts. Keeping the Ts and Cs in check and being sure of the effects of a contract on your IR35 status are vital for both peace of mind and if the taxman does come calling.
21/11/2014 11:37
RT @cjbryce: IPSE's 15-for-15 winners congratulated by @David_Cameron in visit to Number 10. Well done @teamIPSE http://t.co/GFr6MYOGdF
21/11/2014 11:12
Recap: yesterday, the Prime Minister met our @15for15 winners at No10 Downing Street. Report - http://t.co/QgGHZiAX5g
21/11/2014 10:45
Thanks to Govt Ambassador for Women & Enterprise @LorelyBurt for supporting for our @15for15 finalists! http://t.co/6XwwQqQNxL
21/11/2014 09:13
The new Ambassador for Self-employment @MPDavidMorris with the #IPSEmanifesto. Required reading! http://t.co/IDxt0IFdQG
20/11/2014 15:44
If you missed last night's #NFD2014 action you can watch the whole thing at http://t.co/O4Jn9kLz4P
20/11/2014 15:36
RT @shipsandpigs: So guess who I've just met... http://t.co/vlK7PFmKZs
20/11/2014 14:52
Our briliant @15for15 winners have just returned from meeting @David_Cameron and @MPDavidMorris at 10 Downing Street! http://t.co/w8AoPExuRh
19/11/2014 18:55
@PolicyBee Stunning isn't it :) #NFD2014
19/11/2014 18:53
@theworkcrowd And thank you for coming #NFD2014
19/11/2014 18:39
We'll be live streaming our event from 7pm tonight on this link http://t.co/AIn78rNgyw. Tweet your questions to the panel on #NFD2014
19/11/2014 18:36
RT @Gareth_Danbro: It's all about to start at the Freelancer Conference @teamIPSE @DanbroLtd http://t.co/6y6VcwQhCH #NFD2014
19/11/2014 18:35
@AskBrookson Good stuff!
19/11/2014 15:49
RT @Raindance: National Freelancer's Day, here's Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Freelancing! http://t.co/Kx5DgLWNi1 #NFD2014 @Celebra
19/11/2014 14:51
RT @CelebrateNFD: #Freelancers, #Consultants, #Contractors Tweet us your questions for the panel this evening http://t.co/j5VivAXMf4 #NFD20
19/11/2014 13:43
RT @P_Gouldthorpe: All the best to @UniOfHull graduate @dawkins_sarah at national finals entrepreneur event for #15for15 tonight @teamIPSE
19/11/2014 12:10
Got a burning question for our #IPSELive panel? Let us know! #NFD2014
19/11/2014 12:08
RT @BizspaceUK: What a day for businesses! It's #NFD2014, #WomenWOW and the middle of #GEW2014. http://t.co/1tHIjuqtuB
19/11/2014 12:02
Here's our panel getting ready for #IPSELive #NFD2014 http://t.co/LFNV2emjVt
19/11/2014 11:46
Tune in for IPSE Live in 15 minutes for our special National #Freelancers Day episode! http://t.co/XTgnME6N1g
19/11/2014 10:59
Press release: Government announce ‘freelancer tsar’: IPSE praises move http://t.co/Scif7lfxFW
19/11/2014 10:20
RT @NorfolkWriter: Happy National Freelancers Day everyone! Here's to staying in our PJs till lunchtime. Because we CAN! #NFD2014 #freelance
19/11/2014 10:07
RT @matthancockmp: Thrilled @MPDavidMorris has agreed to bang the drum for freelancers, as our new Ambassador for the self employed #NFD2014
19/11/2014 10:06
RT @GemmaWent: Today I shall mostly be live tweeting National Freelancers Day #NFD2014 with @TeamIPSE. If you're a #freelancer, tune in
19/11/2014 09:55
RT @hivesocial_tom: Happy National Freelancers Day! Almost a year since I took the plunge - best decision I've ever made! #NFD2014
19/11/2014 09:51
We're taking questions for our expert panel. If you have anything to ask our politicians, now is the time! #NFD2014 http://t.co/CuCDKznva7
19/11/2014 09:41
RT @JordanIPSE: Behind the Times paywall, must read on gov plans to introduce maternity pay for self-employed & "freelance tsar" http://t.c
19/11/2014 08:53
RT @MarkelDirect: Independent professional? Not a member of @teamipse? Find out more about the benefits of joining them here http://t.co/8B
19/11/2014 08:24
Good morning! It's National Freelancers Day! Be sure to let us know how you are celebrating... #NFD2014
19/11/2014 08:22
RT @robdgill: @teamIPSE Happy National Freelancer Day! http://t.co/y4bSMX6qs4
18/11/2014 14:09
RT @itcontracting: National Freelancers Day 2014 is tomorrow http://t.co/gcnBgGIkhT @cjbryce @teamIPSE @ChukaUmunna #NFD2014
18/11/2014 10:55
RT @LabourBIS: Today @RachelReevesMP @ChukaUmunna are holding @UKLabour summit on self-employment | http://t.co/NJfKUNF5UZ
18/11/2014 10:25
Blog: @JordanIPSE asks - can sturgeon hook Labour votes in Scotland? http://t.co/qclpOTmvzP
18/11/2014 10:24
RT @CelebrateNFD: It's #NFD2014 TOMORROW! How are you celebrating?
17/11/2014 16:29
RT @BeeverStruthers: As figures show #selfemployment across the UK is rising, Gary Sharpe of @teamIPSE calls for the government to help htt…
17/11/2014 12:53
RT @JanineMJohn: Wednesday is National Freelancers Day, so I'm posting early on the tools I like to use in my freelance work: http://t.co/R
17/11/2014 10:09
RT @lemontreecakes: Looking forward to awards @15for15 @CelebrateNFD @teamIPSE excited !
17/11/2014 09:53
RT @Jn_Norris: Rapidly approaching capacity for our #NFD2014 party - get your tickets now #Brighton people - http://t.co/IjwPXGAcZ3
17/11/2014 08:38
RT @dmiralles_cl: I have just booked a place to attend #nfd2014 in #Edinburgh. See you there #freelancers?
14/11/2014 15:00
RT @TurtonSophie: Everyone in the world should watch this video - https://t.co/mxQx8eUT5L
14/11/2014 14:19
RT @cjbryce: A big thanks to Shadow Business Secretary @ChukaUmunna for his support for #nfd2014 http://t.co/Vcmd7WuQVH http://t.co/WDIfyt7
14/11/2014 13:59
Press Release: Shadow Business Secretary @ChukaUmunna supports National Freelancers Day #nfd2014 http://t.co/UcdR8jkfjP
14/11/2014 13:18
RT @BenSmithIPSE: Listening to Professor Andrew Burke discuss the role of #freelancers in the economy at @teamIPSE's research seminar. http…
13/11/2014 15:01
RT @iseressex: Are you self employed? http://t.co/YAjUA8q880 essential reading in this blog from @teamIPSE A manifesto is what you need say…
12/11/2014 16:39
RT @shipsandpigs: This time next week I’ll be getting on @Hull_Trains to London to go to the @CelebrateNFD 15for2015 awards. Excited! http:…
12/11/2014 16:38
RT @DeskUnion: Getting ready for Friday... Who's joining us at 5pm? #FreelanceFriday #NFD2014 @teamIPSE @CelebrateNFD #networking http://t.…
12/11/2014 15:01
@o_deirdreodwyer @CelebrateNFD absolutely! We've an event this evening http://t.co/fIDS7TrUnd and one on #NFD2014 too http://t.co/0YTZNjy6qO
12/11/2014 13:33
@catchmatt Hi Matt, if you email info@ipse.co.uk one of the membership team will answer your question as soon as they can. Thanks, Louis
12/11/2014 10:57
Press release: A week ahead of #NFD2014 and the @ONS reports yet another rise in self-employment: http://t.co/zbzwo4i2wq
12/11/2014 10:30
RT @JordanIPSE: 14.7% of UK workforce is now self-employed. Independent professionals are driving economic growth