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I’m delighted to announce that PCG has today become IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed. 

We've taken this step in order to be better able represent all professionals working in the UK’s growing self-employed sector.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today reacted to statistics showing local authority procurement is "tilted in favour" of big business and urges local councils to embrace the 21st Century way of working.

The banks have been bashed again last week, following the release of figures on the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS).

PCG, the membership organisation for freelancers, has today announced it is rebranding in order to represent all independent professionals working in the UK’s growing self-employed sector.

In an unexpected twist for UK politics this week, a leading Euro-sceptic Conservative MP, Douglas Carswell, announced he has defected to UKIP.

UKIP has stolen some of the political thunder away from Salmond, Darling and co this week (the latter’s 

PCG's Benedict Smith looks at why a government reshuffle in France could pave the way for a change in the way work is approached across
Two thirds of new jobs created since 2008 have been self-employed, and the number of people working as self-employed is at a 40 year high.

Jordan Marshall, PCG's Policy & External Affairs Adviser, analyses the political events from this week that have an impact on the

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02/09/2014 16:23
@niknikMoore Nick. Yes, those two issues are both a key part of our Policy work. Louis
02/09/2014 16:20
@niknikMoore Hi Nick. Yes our Policy team will be responding fully on all our core issues. Louis
02/09/2014 16:09
RT @JordanIPSE: Treasury is asking people for 'policy suggestions' ahead of the Autumn Statement. Feel free to fire away... http://t.co/F29
02/09/2014 14:15
RT @SuneetaIPSE: Only 1/7 freelancers have bid for govt contracts - process is lengthy & difficult. It needs to be simpler & not biased tow…
02/09/2014 12:18
@emjaykays if you have examples of instances where you've suffered, our policy team would like to hear them: policy@ipse.co.uk. Thanks.
02/09/2014 12:07
Press Release: local councils must embrace new economy - and that means ending big biz procurement bias http://t.co/Fn9LF6C71L
02/09/2014 11:14
RT @itcontracting: Contractor trade group, PCG, changes its name to IPSE http://t.co/AViWnUGUNX @teamIPSE
02/09/2014 08:28
Blog recap: Politicians divided over policy towards entrepreneurs - http://t.co/dqJGbGY18C
02/09/2014 08:26
RT @EfipUpdate: Congratulation @teamIPSE for their fancy re-brand, the self-employed "se" part is what will strike a cord w @EU_Commission …
01/09/2014 17:00
RT @PHerrlinger: We're supporting IPSE's competition to find the UK's best #selfemployed professionals - http://t.co/fOOwokZVOW @teamIPSE @…
01/09/2014 15:48
@Tim_Bradburn thanks Tim!
01/09/2014 15:44
RT @cjbryce: Ooh, look! IPSE's in the papers (sort of) News | Design Week http://t.co/3wBSxkdoXq
01/09/2014 14:25
RT @qvoffices: Really like the @teamIPSE re-brand :) We are looking forward to welcoming members to our Flexible workspace: most central in…
01/09/2014 14:17
@freelanceadvice we have hired a team of trained assassins to deal with anyone heard using 'ipsy'. Be warned...
01/09/2014 14:15
RT @freelanceadvice: Important thing we've just learned: @teamIPSE is pronounced "ipsé", because it's Latin. We've spent all morning pronou…
01/09/2014 13:36
RT @itcontracting: One-man bands need banks to change, says @teamIPSE http://t.co/icJ2lxLbWd
01/09/2014 13:09
RT @globaleditor: Rebrand as self-employed numbers continue to rise: PCG is now IPSE @teamIPSE http://t.co/34At5zyEsT @GlblRecruiter #contr
01/09/2014 12:11
@oraclematt Matt, IPSE was chosen as the standout option after an exhaustive process with a leading agency. AIPSE just doesn't do the trick!
01/09/2014 11:37
@oraclematt Given 4in10 freelancers are now female that would be extremely unwise! The new brand uses a little poetic licence that's all.
01/09/2014 11:17
@GemmaWent what do you think of our new Twitter bio? We got an expert in to help. We're quite proud of it ;)
01/09/2014 11:14
RT @louisclarkIPSE: Our first blog as @teamIPSE is @AndyIPSE's look at Banks and their attitudes to the #selfemployed: http://t.co/3ZH6kRzD
01/09/2014 11:10
A new report from @Demos looks at how public policy must change to support self-employment. Read it here: http://t.co/ay7DVPg7ve
01/09/2014 11:07
@markwinspear Mark, sorry about that. We'll investigate straight away and be back in touch with a fix soon. Louis
01/09/2014 10:31
RT @louisclarkIPSE: No rebrand is complete without a shiny new sign in the office entrance... http://t.co/9wZAP54S2q
01/09/2014 10:10
RT @cjbryce: IPSE has arrived! Let us know what you think. http://t.co/RMOuXUgfxw http://t.co/OPdmMbwnRp
01/09/2014 09:46
RT @AndyIPSE: We have changed! We are now IPSE (Assoc of Independent Professionals and Self Employed) Follow us @teamIPSE & @IPSEwestminster
01/09/2014 09:23
RT @optimistconsult: Grt to see that membership body PCG has changed name to a the logical IPSE, the body for the self employed @teamIPSE h…
01/09/2014 09:23
@optimistconsult thanks Abby, glad you like it :)
01/09/2014 09:22
RT @BenSmithIPSE: The day has finally arrived: PCG is now IPSE - The Association of Independent Professionals & the Self Employed - @teamIP
01/09/2014 09:12
@emjaykays Rest assured, we will still be campaigning hard on the core issues that led to our formation in 1999. No one will be left behind!
01/09/2014 08:34
@Davipops Sorry about that. We'll investigate. Could you DM us your email address so we can get in touch once we've solved the problem?
01/09/2014 08:25
RT @SimonMcVicker: @teamIPSE Congrats to all on the launch of IPSE! Very exciting times and this will help push #selfemployed up the public…
01/09/2014 08:23
Press Release: PCG evolves to become @teamIPSE, the association for self-employed people: http://t.co/8PZA6wap8h
01/09/2014 08:17
@Davipops Hi Dave. Sure, are you experiencing problems with your discount?
01/09/2014 08:15
We are now IPSE, the association of independent professionals and the #selfemployed! Find out more here: http://t.co/2IhTXFIvPC
01/09/2014 08:14
Here is a Welcome letter from our Chairman, Julie Stewart, which explains the change to IPSE: http://t.co/obHb5ZduOZ
29/08/2014 16:39
RT @PubAffairs: Delighted to have Clayton Desant supporting our Freelance Networking Event with @insidepcg Tues 9 Sept, RSVP here --> http:…
29/08/2014 16:36
RT @SimonMcVicker: See my blog on the Conservative's and Carswell's defection to UKip. http://t.co/UJxAWKlYwQ
29/08/2014 16:21
Blog: UKIP’s sting in the Tory tail http://t.co/TlCAmc44C3
29/08/2014 11:22
With less than 3 weeks until the #indyref, @JordanPCG says Scotland remains the prominent topic in British politics http://t.co/oHgrMpY0pL
29/08/2014 09:46
RT @AldermoreBank: "The way successful businesses get off the ground has fundamentally changed; banks need to modernise their approach to l…
29/08/2014 09:45
RT @AldermoreBank: Banks must realise that microbusinesses represent the high-growth firms of the future, says @insidepcg http://t.co/fPQaf
28/08/2014 14:57
Blog: @BenSmithPCG analyses how France's new Economy Minister might shake up working practices across the channel: http://t.co/88f20B1CKP
28/08/2014 13:02
RT @HadleysComment: @insidepcg Need to change way banks wk w/ small biz & independent pros was a key message of our Flex Appeal report http…
28/08/2014 11:25
Press Release: Banking culture towards small business must be re-examined after @The_FPB finds lending down again: http://t.co/wEjYNiKb7D
28/08/2014 10:53
@TheBeardedLlama You're welcome! It's been reversed and you should receive an email confirmation shortly. Sorry again for the error. Louis
28/08/2014 08:34
@TheBeardedLlama Morning Steven, sorry about that. Our customer services team will get on that right away and be in touch soon. Louis
27/08/2014 08:35
RT @mstelmaszak: @insidepcg @FM_Mag I'm running a survey on cloud computing used by #freelance pros: https://t.co/5hL20LsP4I care to share?
26/08/2014 17:03
@SAPLancer Hi Jerome. It varies depends on whether you have a role lined up or not. There is lots of info here: http://t.co/pf5KyfvESV
26/08/2014 16:15
@phil_wright Phil, IR35 is still top of our agenda. That absolutely won't change.