IPSE submission to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

This review presents an excellent opportunity to rethink how self-employment is approached by government, ensuring it remains a positive way of working while the most vulnerable individuals are protected. IPSE believes the biggest problem that must be tackled is the uncertainty around employment status. We have developed a model which offers a practical way of defining employment status, which can be easily understood and tested by individuals and clients alike – more detail is provided within this paper. Self-employment is a riskier way of working than employment. But this doesn’t mean government cannot do more to encourage freelancers to save for retirement, make training and developing new skills simpler, and ensure the self-employed have better support when they have children. IPSE’s paper also outlines the steps government needs to take to support people who work flexibly, ensuring that it is simpler to establish workhubs and that fast broadband is available in all corners of the country.

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