The self-employed are naturally independent people, and don’t tend to rely much on the state for a helping hand. But the Government does have an important role to play in ensuring there is a level playing field for the self-employed – particularly when it comes to tackling the culture of late payments and the UK’s unequal parental benefits system.

There’s also the matter of financial products. Most just aren’t designed with the self-employed in mind, and the Government needs to look into ways to make pensions and other vital financial products work for them. There’s also an urgent need to make sure independent professionals are treated fairly when they’re trying to get a mortgage.

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Saving for later life

There is growing concern about the lack of saving for later life among the self-employed. It is serious worry not just for the self-employed themselves, but the Government and pension providers too.

Parental Benefits

There is no reason why self-employed parents should receive less support, as parental benefits are funded by the state, not employers.

Education and training

New skills and qualifications through education and training are a gateway to higher earnings and career progression for the self-employed.

Small Business Commissioner

In our 2014 manifesto, IPSE proposed the creation of a small business commissioner to help tackle late payment and the issues that surround it.

Vulnerable self-employment

Although the vast majority of self-employed people are happy working for themselves, some are considered more vulnerable and need higher levels of support.

Disabled self-employed people

Disabled people now make up one in seven of all the self-employed and need to be fully supported to ensure that they are able to thrive in self-employment.