IPSE manifesto

A Contract with the Self-Employed

IPSE's 2017 manifesto, 'A Contract with the Self-Employed', not only addresses key questions on taxation and potential regulation, but also offers a full set of practical policies the next government should deliver to support the self-employed.

This includes:

  • Introducing a statutory definition of self-employment to clear the confusion in the gig economy and protect legitimate freelancers  
  • Reviewing the tax system for the self-employed to ensure fairness and efficiency
  • Providing fair parental benefits for self-employed mothers and fathers
  • Controlling the damage caused by the changes to IR35 in the public sector and committing not to introduce similar measures in the private sector 
  • Developing a proper pensions solution for the self-employed
  • Changing the tax treatment of training to encourage development and career progression


A Fairer, More Efficient Tax System

IPSE's Tax Manifesto, 'A Fairer, More Efficient Tax System', expands on ‘A Contract with the Self-Employed’. Addressing the problems with the current tax system, it stresses although there are no quick fixes, there are things that can be done to help improve the situation for the self-employed.

These include:

  • A fundamental, strategic review of the tax system
  • Limiting the damage caused by changes to IR35 in the public sector
  • Introducing a new corporate form tailored specifically for freelancers: the Freelancer Limited Company
  • Easing the transition to Making Tax Digital
  • Guaranteeing no rises in Class 4 National Insurance Contributions for the self-employed
  • Removing the burden of policy-making from an already under-resourced HMRC