Digital Infrastructure

What is it?

Quick and reliable internet and mobile coverage is essential to working on the move. Even now, poor broadband coverage and mobile reception are still hampering freelancers in rural areas. In fact, Ofcom has found that 42% of UK microbusinesses don’t have superfast broadband – rising to 85% in rural areas.

What we are doing:

IPSE has put together a list of key demands from the Government to help boost connectivity – and thus productivity – among freelancers: 

  • Introduce “mast sharing” (also known as “onshore roaming”) where 4G mobile coverage is limited or unavailable
  • Commit to 100% access to broadband by 2020 – while also extending the Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme
  • Ensure rail franchising agreements include a commitment to enabling WiFi across networks
  • Consider breaking up BT unless its broadband service is urgently improved