Our Policy and External Affairs team work with Government, Parliament and right across the political landscape to make the UK a fairer place to be freelance or self-employed.


Not only do we carry out innovative research and develop robust policy; we also work with partners right across the sector and build relationships with key decision-makers in Government. 

Our recent policy work has been some of the most significant in IPSE’s history, with repeat visits to Downing Street and our flagship Policy Conference attracting key decision-makers from Westminster and beyond.

Latest campaigns 



Coronavirus: what IPSE is doing and advice for freelancers and the self-employed

COVID-19 hub
Stop IR35

 Join our #stopIR35 campaign and find everything you need to know about how the changes could affect you.

Stop IR35


End late payment

 Stop freelancers losing large amounts of time and money each year to the UK's poor payment culture.

End late payments
Women in Self-Employment

 Gender equality in the workplace has been a widely talked but very little is known about the experiences of women in self-employment.

Women in self-employment

Understanding the demographics of both the overall solo self-employed sector and the highly skilled subset of freelancers.

Self-employed landscape

Despite the large number of disabled people in self-employment, however, very little is known about this group.

Disability in self-employment

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