It is IPSE’s core belief that the UK’s flexible labour market is unique in the EU and should be supported, promoted, and encouraged as one of the country’s main competitive advantages on the international stage. IPSE’s objective is to demonstrate the economic value of freelancing to those in power and ensure freelancing is both considered and supported in all areas of regulation and policy. We do this by supporting extensive research into freelancing and by maintaining strong relationships with politicians, Government departments and trade associations.

We believe that freelancers are often overlooked in policymaking, with most policy made either for employees or employers. This is something IPSE works hard to change. By showing the value of freelancing to the economy, and feeding in the views of freelancers to policymakers, we strive to create the best possible working environment for freelancers.

Independent professional add value to their clients’ businesses and to the UK economy as a whole. Part of what makes independent professionals so crucial to UK business is their different operating model. They are not employees and they are, typically, not employers. They provide flexible expertise to their clients on an ad hoc basis, helping those businesses to manage risk and to grow. This different approach also means they don’t fit neatly into tax or employment law and government efforts to regulate them can cause significant burdens. IPSE wants to help decision makers understand the way independent professionals operate and one of our central functions is to point out to government when things aren’t working as they should be.