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IPSE is the UK's only not-for-profit membership organisation for the self-employed.

Join 16,000 other freelancers, contractors, consultants, independent professionals, and interims as a full member of IPSE. Our market-leading membership can help you in any stage of your career, from side-hustle to start-up to a full-scale operation.

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Here for you

An IPSE membership offers you access to tax and legal helplines to calm any worrying thoughts, as well as wellbeing services through our partners. We also offer events, awards and networking opportunities so you never feel alone.

Here for your business

We want to see your business succeed. An IPSE membership offers you up to £10,000* in cover for if a client, umbrella company or agency goes into administration, tax investigation cover and so much more.

Here for the self-employed

We work tirelessly behind the scenes for you and every self-employed business, such as successfully campaigning for the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

*Conditions apply

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Our three membership plans have been designed by the self-employed, for the self-employed.
With the right protection for your business, you can focus on what you do best.




Pay monthly
Or £90/annum

Access tools for business growth plus money-saving offers and wellbeing services.

✓ IPSE tax and legal helplines

✓ IPSE partner offers 

✓ Discounted business insurance

And much more...


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Pay monthly
Or £225/annum

Everything in Essentials plus more business cover, including:

✓ Up to £750 contract failure cover

✓ Tax investigation cover

✓ Access to IPSE group pension

And much more...


Join Standard




Pay monthly
Or £325/annum

Get access to IPSE's full suite of protection and support

✓ Up to £5k jury service cover

✓ Up to £100k tax investigation cover

✓ Up to £2k illness and injury cover

And much more...


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Premium guides and templates
Access to IPSE Events
Exclusive Money saving offers 
Wellbeing services (Perkbox)
Tax and legal helplines
Contract Review Service
Discounted business
insurance portal
IPSE Partner Offers
IPSE Group Pension
IPSE Group Life Assurance £5,000*
Tax Pre Dispute Cover - -
Tax Investigation Cover -

Up to £100k indemnity

£250 per day of loss of earnings up to £750

Up to £100k indemnity

£500 per day of loss of earnings up to £1,500

End Client, Umbrella
and Agency Default Cover
- Up to £2,500 for end client,
agency default not included,
umbrella default not included

Up to £10,000 for end client,
Up to £10,000 for agency default,
Up to £2,500 for umbrella default

Contract Failure Cover - Up to £750 Up to £1,000 (NA for umbrellas)
Jury Service Cover - Up to £1,500 per claim Up to £5,000 per claim (£2,500 for umbrellas)
Illness and injury Cover - - Up to £2,000 for full 3 weeks
Annual RRP (ex. VAT) £75 £187.50 £270.80
RRP (incl. VAT) £8.50 / month
(£90 annual)
£21 / month
(£225 annual)
£30.50 / month
(£325 annual)

*First £5,000 of life insurance included free of charge.

IPSE gives freelancers the support they need to thrive in today's market. For me, the best part of IPSE membership is attending the organised events as I always learn something new and make useful connections.

Luke Nicholson

Improve Your Accent, Founder

Being a member of IPSE has plugged me into a fantastic array of resources that I just wouldn't be able to access otherwise. I've also been given access to really useful perks that are normally only available to full-time employees.

Iona Bain

The Young Money Blog, Founder

As an IPSE Plus member I rest easy knowing that support is just a phone call away. The tax and legal helplines have solved quite a few issues for me over the years. They have saved me a lot of pain and even got me a VAT refund!

Tim Bradburn

Blue Cricket, Founder




Protect yourself

IPSE protects its members with a range of essential benefits, from tax investigation cover to illness and injury cover.

  • Cover against HMRC tax investigations
  • Compensation for contract failure
  • Cover for jury service
  • And much more...
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Grow your business

To help our members' self-employed businesses thrive, we have a huge resource centre, dedicated events, and a benefit platform to rival any large corporation.

  • Access to IPSE Tax and Legal helplines, 24/7
  • Thousands of money saving offers
  • Access to all IPSE templates and guides
  • Get the latest freelance news through the IPSE Newsletters
  • And much more...
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We're ensuring politicians recognise the importance of the self-employed community by highlighting their need for flexibility and freedom, and their overwhelming contribution to the UK economy.

Campaigns: Our Policy and External Affairs team work with Government, Parliament and right across the political landscape to make the UK a fairer place to be freelance or self-employed.

Research: Our Research team works to shed light on the reality of self-employment in the UK. With surveys and reports, they help us understand your needs and interests so we can champion them in government and across the business landscape.

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Join a community

When you join IPSE, you join a supportive community of people who have chosen to be their own boss, just like you. Events, forums and our online groups, all help you get to know other IPSE members from a range of industries.

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Ready to be protected?

Become a member from as little as £8.50 a month

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Can my company pay my membership fees?

Yes. Your company can pay the membership fees, but they will not be a deductible expense from your profits and therefore won't affect your corporation tax bill.

I'm presuming I'd have to be in contract at the time of any claim?

Yes. IPSE can't cover you for losses that didn't actually occur and we can only compensate you for the rate you're receiving from your current client.

If my company pays, can it reclaim the VAT?

Yes, it's an (almost) normal business expense.

What happens if my agency, umbrella company, or client goes bust?

IPSE will compensate you if you've been a IPSE Plus member for at least 60 days prior to the claim and the agency, umbrella company or client first failed to pay you after those 60 days. To find out more, please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Will I have to pay an excess when IPSE takes on my tax defence claim?

No, absolutely not. IPSE will pay up to £100,000 for professional fees to defend you. There is no excess.