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IPSE Membership – General Terms and Conditions

What IPSE will do for you

  1. Policy and Representation
    1. We’ll give members a voice with Government at all levels, promote the value of self-employment, bring forward policies suggestions to enhance self-employment and oppose any measures we think would be detrimental to the self-employed
    2. We’ll ask you on a regular basis what problems you face and incorporate these findings into our policy work
  2. Research, Education and Training
    1. We’ll ensure that we’re at the forefront of research into the field of self-employment
    2. We’ll ensure that we find and promote the best offers for personal development and skills training for our members
  3. Commercial Development
    1. We’ll bring you the best offers we can to assist you in your business and at home, such as access to banking, mortgages, business tools, discounted products and services
    2. We’ll find the best courses to help you develop your business skills, such as improving your use of Social Media, CV writing and interview techniques
    3. We’ll help you save for the future by offering you the opportunity to put money aside for rainy days or retirement at the best available rates. We’ll help protect your family by making sure you have access to life insurance at rates well below what you could find in the retail market.
  4. Keep you informed
    1. We’ll let you know by email of any changes to or problems with your membership
    2. We’ll advise you of General Meetings by email – you can send us a postal letter asking for notice by post if you would prefer to get notices of General Meetings by post
  5. Protect your data
    1. IPSE will not share your data with any third party except if it’s necessary to give you access to services provided by that third-party. Where such information is shared, IPSE will restrict and limit by contract the third-party's use of that data to provide their services to you as a member of IPSE and ensure they do not use your details for any other purpose
  6. What IPSE asks of you
    1. Understand that membership of IPSE is an annual membership
      1. Your membership of IPSE is for annual periods, one year at a time, and starts the day we receive a valid application and valid payment details from you; membership renews automatically on each anniversary of your joining date
      2. Membership fees become due in full immediately on joining IPSE and become due in full annually on the anniversary of that date
      3. You must pay your full membership subscription each year
      4. You can opt to pay annually or monthly by credit card or Direct Debit. if you choose to pay monthly the unpaid balance of your membership fee for the rest of the year remains due regardless of any circumstance other than your death
      5. If you cancel without notice or cancel part of the way through your membership year, or fail to pay your subscription, you may lose all your membership rights and benefits and IPSE will still be entitled to recover any outstanding fees from you in full
      6. If you pay monthly and cancel your payment without giving us proper notice or an alternative method of payment, or your payment fails for any reason, all sums due to us will become payable immediately and we will ask you to pay in full 
      7. Membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstances
    2. If you need to cancel your membership
      1. After the first anniversary of your joining IPSE your membership can be cancelled by giving us notice as follows
      2. You may cancel your membership by giving us not less than one calendar month’s notice in writing or by calling the membership team in advance of your renewal date. We will advise you of your renewal date by email 45 days in advance
      3. Cancellation without proper notice will only be effective from the next anniversary of your renewal date and you will be required to pay the current year’s subscription or any outstanding balance thereof immediately and in full
      4. In the event of IPSE receiving confirmed notification of your death we will automatically cancel your membership and refund any outstanding fees to the account from which we received payment
    3. Agree to IPSE’s Code of Conduct
      1. Comply with IPSE’s Articles of Association which can be found on the IPSE website
      2. Only use IPSE’s logo to signify your membership of IPSE and not suggest or imply that your use of our logo represents any trade or professional qualification or standard
      3. Not represent yourself or your business as:
      4. being approved or endorsed by IPSE regarding your business activity
      5. having a trading relationship with or being a supplier to IPSE
      6. Act at all times in a professional and courteous manner to all fellow IPSE members and employees of IPSE
      7. Not act towards any IPSE employee or fellow IPSE member in a manner which may give rise to any claim by the employee or member against IPSE
      8. Not discriminate against any IPSE member or staff member because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation
      9. Not use threatening or abusive behaviour or language towards IPSE members or staff
      10. Do nothing which may bring IPSE into disrepute
  7. Full Member Benefits
    1. Each level of IPSE membership has a specific range of membership benefits, the benefit provided may vary depending on the type of membership package obtained. Benefits are listed below with relevant terms and conditions, and where exclusive to a specific membership type, this is highlighted. The benefits listed in this section do not apply to student membership (please see separate terms and conditions.)
    2. Benefits for Standard, Solo, Plus and Protect membership types:
      1. IPSE Advantage via consumer discount site
        1. All offers are covered by terms and conditions as outlined by relevant third party or on the Advantage website itself.
      2. Contract review service available at a reduced rate for members (compared to non members,) when completed while logged into a valid IPSE account. Please see the specific terms and conditions for this product.
      3. All items downloaded from the IPSE website, including but not limited to; Business templates, toolkits and client contracts are used at your own risk, IPSE shall not be held liable for any loss associated with use of these items. Please ensure that these items meet your specific requirements before use.
      4. Event and networking opportunities are generally free to members, IPSE reserves the right to charge additional fees where necessary for members and non-members
    3. Additional benefits exclusively for Standard, Plus and Protect members only
      1. Tax investigation representation service;
        1. IPSE will provide you with dedicated contact details for AbbeyTax. If tax investigation representation is necessary, upon contact with AbbeyTax, you will be assigned an expert representative from Abbey Tax to handle your case. The cost of professional fees to represent you will be covered by IPSE up to a total of £75,000
        2. Contact IPSE to request tax line in regard to:
          1. Any S660 Enquiry regardless of the source.
          2. Issue of the S9A or S12AC TMA 1970 for income tax self-assessment with a request to examine all of the business books and records or with enquiries into specific aspects.
          3. Issue of the Notice under Paragraph 24(1) Schedule 18 Finance Act 1998 for Corporation Tax Self Assessment together with a request to examine all of the business books and records.
          4. Employer Compliance Disputes ( PAYE, P11D and NIC): where there is a prospect of disputing the alleged liabilities.
          5. HM Revenue & Customs VAT Disputes: and/or Value Added Tax default surcharges and misdeclaration penalties, providing there is a prospect of disputing the alleged VAT liabilities.
          6. IR35 Disputes where HMRC are disputing the IR35 declaration following either the issue of a Notice under Paragraph 24(1) Schedule 18 Finance Act 1998 or an HMRC Compliance visit. However, there must be a written Contract for Services in respect of the liabilities that are being disputed and the real arrangements do not significantly conflict with the contractual arrangements on status-relevant matters. The Contract must also have been strictly followed and there must be a reasonable prospect of successfully contesting the Revenue's allegations.  
    4. Additional benefits exclusively for Plus and Protect members only
      1. Pre dispute; if HMRC are to undertake a review of your PAYE, VAT or Tax records. In the form of proposed Employer Compliance Visits, VAT Visit or Check of Employer records (or similar,) letter.
        1. AbbeyTax will support you in preparation of response and letters required by HMRC.
        2. Support and representation up to and including any tribunal.
        3. If HMRC remain unsatisfied with tax record and an enquiry is opened you will receive tax investigation representation as outlined above.          
      2. £5000 Life insurance; please see product terms and conditions for more information.
      3. Compensation for business interruption (maximum possible compensation varies from membership type)
        1. If you are required to attend Jury service, you may instruct IPSE to make a claim against their Business Interruption Policy to compensate you for loss of daily earning* up to a maximum of 10 days.
        2. IPSE may be instructed to make a claim on its Business Interruption Policy to compensate you for loss of earnings due to the following. Please note that you must be a valid PLUS member for at least 60 days for a claim on the following to be considered valid.
          1. Business failure of your Client or Agency (up to £10000)
            1. The maximum amount per claim under this policy shall be limited to:

              Business Failure of the Agency per individual claim - £10,000. 
              Business Failure of any one Agency – all claims £100,000
              Business failure of the Client per individual claim - £10,000
              Business Failure of all Agencies or Clients in a full 12-month policy period - £500,000.
              Failure of the Agency to honour contractual arrangements - £1,000

              In order to clarify the above, the policy aggregate limit of £500,000 covers all claims made in any one period of insurance, but there is an aggregate limit per individual agency of £100,000 which operates as follows: if an agency was to fail with 50 IPSE Plus members facing financial loss, then the maximum payout for each individual member would be £2,000. If the full aggregate limit has been reached, no further claims would be accepted.
          2. Being certified by a doctor or hospital as unfit for work for 3 weeks or more*.
        3. *Compensation up to a total maximum;
          1. Plus member –
            1. Jury service cover up to a maximum of £5,000
            2. Unfit for work cover up to a maximum of £3,000
          2. Protect member
            1. Jury service cover up to a maximum of £2,000
            2. Unfit for work cover up to a maximum of £2,000
    5. Additional cover exclusively for Plus members;
      1. Compensation for business additional interruption clauses;
        1. Agency failing to honour contractual arrangements (up to £1000)
        2. Meetings with HMRC or a Designated Representative in connection with a tax enquiry or investigation (up to £500 per day)
    6. Excluded from the service for all members
      1. Investigations and disputes open at the time of joining IPSE, or those that you are aware of impending (I.e. if joining occurs after receipt of first correspondence from HMRC on the relevant matter.)
      2. Investigation and disputes after cessation of membership or those initiated during a gap in membership (if renewal is not instated immediately after subscription ends.)
      3. Fees incurred prior to written acceptance of claim.
      4. Claims arising from submission of files to relevant authorities outside the time parameters set out in Taxes Management Act 1970.
      5. Tax planning arrangements where HMRC has allocated a Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Scheme (DOTAS) Number and any matter relating to bespoke tax planning outside of the normal trade such as film partnerships or film schemes, or planning involving artificially created losses or loan arrangements.
      6. Special Civil Investigations, HMRC Customs & Excise Investigations Division cases and criminal investigations and enquiries issued under Code of Practice 8 (issued in respect of tax evasion) or Code of Practice 9 (issued in respect of suspected fraud).
    7. Other exclusions and limits may apply.
  8. Student Member Benefits
    1. IPSE student members are not in receipt of the benefits outlined in clause 10, but receive exclusive access to benefits, that are not included in any other membership, with the following terms and conditions;
      1. Initiation of an annual Student membership is only available to persons who are currently studying or have graduated in the last 12 months. Proof of eligibility is required in current active university email address of documentation, once reviewed by IPSE the membership may be approved.
        1. Student members found to have falsified information will have their membership revoked and no refund will be eligible.
      2. All items downloaded from the IPSE website, including but not limited to; Business templates, toolkits and client contracts are used at your own risk, IPSE shall not be held liable for any loss associated with use of these items. Please ensure that these items meet your specific requirements before use.
      3. Any discounts associated with the student membership are not valid in conjunction with any other offers or discounts and may be deemed invalid if student membership is lapsed at time of use of discount.
      4. Event and networking opportunities are generally free to members, IPSE reserves the right to charge additional fees where necessary for members and non-members.
      5. Training available through IPSE academy is covered by the terms and conditions of the third parties directly associated with the training and IPSE holds no responsibility for the content of these training items.
  9. Access membership
    1. As an access member you are only entitled to access to;
      1. Website material
      2. IPSE Magazine subscription
      3. Guides associated with this membership type
    2. IPSE reserves the right to restrict access to materials as necessary
    3. You agree to the terms of use of the website (outlined above)
    4. IPSE accepts no liability in relation to any loss associated with use of material.
    5. No membership fees are associated with this membership
    6. No other membership terms and conditions are associated with this membership type.