Parental Benefits

Government urged to introduce fair maternity & adoption pay for the self-employed

What are the issues?

A growing number of women in the UK are choosing self-employment. One in seven of all freelancers are working mothers, and between 2008 and 2015 the number of mothers working as freelancers increased by 70%.

However, many self-employed women face financial difficulties when they have children, particularly because there is a disparity in maternity pay between employed and self-employed mothers. IPSE believes this unfair divide should be resolved by government, by equalising maternity pay for self-employed mothers.

We set out our policy recommendations on maternity pay for self-employed women in our Taylor Review response.

IPSE’s work on the APPG for Women and Work

In addition to our work on maternity pay, IPSE is also keen to hear other issues facing self-employed women in work. We sponsor and are an active member of the APPG for Women and Work to develop progressive policies to hold Government to account and support the growing numbers of self-employed women and mothers. You can see there Annual Report 2016 below.