Policy Publications

IPSE’s key role is lobbying and advocation on behalf of the self-employed. Here you can find our policies and publications for freelancing and self-employment.


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budget analysis report.pdf

IPSE’s post-Budget report provides a comprehensive review of the implications of the Autumn Budget for the self-employed.

Fighting IR35: List of 90 MPs

Our research has identified ninety Conservative MPs whose majorities are smaller than the number of self-employed people they represent.

Letter to the Chancellor

IPSE's letter to Philip Hammond warning him off 'punishing' changes to IR35 in the public sector

IPSE's budget submission

IPSE's Budget submission Autumn 2017

IPSE submission to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

IPSE submission to the Taylor Review contains our view of what the review should consider and our recommendations on how best to empower the self-employed in the UK.

IPSE Manifesto 2017 - A contract with the self-employed

IPSE's 2017 General Election Manifesto