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Self-employed tax changes have caused ‘serious damage’ in NHS and public sector, new research finds

New IPSE/CIPD survey reveals extent of damage done by IR35 changes in the public sector.

Five reasons to work abroad

Working abroad has many appeals, and with fewer restrictions on when, where and how we work, it is an increasingly popular move for many freelancers.

The Self-Employment Matrix

As part of the Taylor Review, IPSE designed the 'Self-Employment Matrix' to provide clarity over employment status.

CEST tool: what the experts say

To regain the trust of industry, government must conduct an independent review of the CEST tool and abolish it altogether if it deems it inadequate.

Deliveroo case highlights the need for a statutory definition of self-employment

Deliveroo confusion highlights the need for the government should write into statute a positive definition of self-employment.

CEST tool: a case study

The evidence is undeniable: the CEST tool is wholly inadequate.

Final four announced in IPSE’s Co-working Space of the Year

IPSE is delighted to announce the final four of the 2018 Co-working Space of the Year award.

Government policy could hurt inflation target

If the Bank Of England's inflation target is to be reached, the government not to introduce inhibiting policies.