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Budget Universal Credit reforms disincentivise employees and self-employed alike

IPSE has responded to a Resolution Foundation report, saying UC disincentivises employees and the self-employed alike

Three universities join IPSE to spread the word about student self-employment

IPSE announces two new university partnerships and the renewal of its highly successful partnership with Birkbeck University.

Professional development: why it matters for IT professionals

Guest blog: QA, the UK's leading IT training provider on why professional development matters for IT contractors.

Freelancers: what you need to know about personal data protection and GDPR

Guest blog: David Short, Legal Director of Astrid Data Protection Ltd, on what freelacers need to know about GDPR and data protection.

Budget 2018 analysis: What it means for you

From IR35 and VAT to training and the Personal Allowance; a full, independent analysis of the 2018 Autumn Budget.

Budget 2018: everything (else) you need to know

Aside from the changes to IR35 the Budget presented mixed but generally positive news for the self-employed.

Chancellor forces self-employed into “holding pattern of despair” as controversial tax changes pushed back to 2020

Chancellor announces roll out of catastrophic IR35 changes to the private sector in April 2020.

IPSE joins Tracy Brabin MP in calling for Shared Parental leave for the self-employed

IPSE joins Tracy Brabin MP in calling for Shared Parental Leave (SPL) to be extended to the self-employed.