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Freelancers feeling the squeeze from inflation, IPSE warns

Freelancers will feel the latest inflation rise particularly badly compared to employees, IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) has warned.

Pensions PR problem creating self-employed savings crisis, IPSE report finds

Pensions have a PR problem that is helping to create a self-employed savings crisis, an IPSE report has found.

The Conservative Government should show support for business by scrapping IR35 plans

As we look to grow our economy post-Brexit, we cannot afford to jeopardise the future of our hardworking self-employed community.

Pensions Awareness Day: overcoming the savings crisis

As the number of people entering self-employment grows, the proportion of those saving for later life is failing to maintain pace.

NICs betrayal shows Government support for self-employed draining away

The decision to abandon a promised tax cut for millions of the UK’s smallest businesses represents a fundamental breach of faith.

Government double whammy against the self-employed

The Government appears poised to axe its flagship New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) scheme - it's second attack on the self-employed within 24 hours.

HMRC red carded over employment status of Premier League referees

The Government should write into statute a positive definition of self-employment after an employment tribunal found against HMRC.

What does a no-deal Brexit mean for the self-employed?

The self-employed tend to be the “canary in the coalmine”: the first to lose out if companies decide to hold back on investment or move operations from the UK.