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IPSE welcomes inflation drop, but warns Brexit uncertainty is bad news for the self-employed

IPSE says the drop in inflation will be welcome to most self-employed people, but warn continuing Brexit uncertainty could still cause serious problems for them.

'No deal' or not, restrictions on free movement will affect freelancers

Twenty-seven per cent of IPSE members took up contracts in EU countries last year. Brexit risks creating a system that makes it extremely difficult for UK-based independent professionals to move and work freely once we leave the European Union.

Mayday for self-employed: PM’s deal as bad as ‘no deal’ for freelancers, IPSE research finds

New research from IPSE finds the average freelancer believes May's Brexit deal would be almost as bad as 'no deal' for their business.

Dieting, Exercise and Tax Returns – the perennial January cocktail

For the self-employed, January means tax return deadlines

New Year, New Me

Set yourself a realistic new year's resolution that you can keep.

Self-employed breathe sigh of relief after Universal Credit delay: IPSE  

The Government must use the delay in the roll-out of Universal Credit to fix these flaws which punish the self-employed.

Everything you need to know about Making Tax Digital for VAT but were too bored to ask

VAT registered businesses will be required to keep VAT records digitally and submit returns electronically from April 2019. Are you prepared?

Drop in inflation will benefit self-employed, but government policy remains a concern

IPSE has welcomed the fall in UK inflation, but warned that government IR35 tax policy is still a major worry for self-employed people.