• There are around 273,000 self-employed workers in Scotland and they form a vital part of the flexible economy. There are now 91,000 self-employed women in Scotland; an increase of 20% over the last 6 years
  • Many of these individuals work in Scotland’s oil and gas sector, providing vital specialist skills
  • Following the independence referendum in 2014, the Scottish Government has been granted greater powers including over tax and regulatory policy
  • IPSE is committed to engaging with policymakers in Holyrood to guarantee that new legislation supports independent professionals working in Scotland

Oil & Gas

  • IPSE will continue to lobby the  Chancellor and the Scottish Government for support for North Sea oil and gas sectors
  • IPSE will set out case for continuing investment in sector, and resultant economic growth & energy security this will help deliver
  • IPSE has also produced a “Scottish Manifesto” setting out the priorities for politicians in Scotland