Who is NearDesk for?

We’ve teamed up with NearDesk to provide our members with access to hotdesks and meeting rooms in over 250+ business locations across the UK. NearDesk is ideal for independent freelancers wanting a professional work space but who are not yet ready to commit to long leases and fixed monthly outgoings. From as little as an hour right through to unlimited monthly packages, it’s easy to work when and how you want without the burden of fixed office rental costs.

How does it work?

Your IPSE membership card has built-in NearDesk contactless smart technology, so by activating the card via the NearDesk website, you can tap in and tap out at a location to hot-desk and only be billed for the time you use.

You can find your nearest location by searching on NearDesk.com or by downloading the NearDesk app to find spaces on the go. Each listing clearly shows availability and pricing, with hotdesks generally available as ‘just turn up’ and meeting rooms bookable in advance.

How do I pay?

It’s simple. Once you’ve activated your IPSE membership card and created a NearDesk account, you’ll be asked for your credit card or direct debit details, so that each time your card is used your account can be debited. This then means you’ll only receive one monthly invoice, leaving you hassle-free and not swamped with unnecessary paperwork.

Why use NearDesk?

Working at home or in a coffee shop is great, but it can also be lonely and unproductive, and not ideal for meetings or important phone calls. By using NearDesk to hotdesk or hold client meetings, you’ll have access to a host of benefits not normally available in public spaces. These include:

  • Professional, productive work spaces when and where you need them
  • Simple touch in / touch out technology means you only pay for the time you use
  • Fast, free Wi-Fi
  • Opportunity to find new cliens
  • Find new clients
  • Single monthly invoice
  • Great free coffee

What do IPSE members get?

IPSE members benefit from two free days of hotdesking (worth £50) which can be used at any of the five workspace hubs below, along with an ongoing 15% discount on hotdesking at the same locations.

  • Sandford Gate – Oxford
  • Soap Factory – Aberdeen
  • Work Lounge – Manchester
  • QV Offices – Reading
  • DeskLodge – Bristol

Please note that these two free days are to be used at one of these locations, not at each location.

And also, with five regional hubs welcoming IPSE members and NearDesk’s online ‘who’s here now’ software, members will quickly get to know who else is sharing a space, giving you an opportunity to connect with fellow members and other professionals.

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There are hundreds of NearDesk spaces up and down the country. Use the map below to find your closest desk.