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About us

Established in 2002, ICS Accounting provides a wide range of accountancy and administration services to contractors, freelancers and small business owners across the UK.

ICS Accounting's company ethos of TrustCare and Compliance.

Trust. Since 2002 ICS Accounting has been trusted by its clients and employees to provide the highest quality accountancy solutions. ICS Accounting is proud to be Accredited Members of FCSA, APSCo Trusted Partners and an IPSE partner.

Care. ICS Accounting always strives to over-deliver on its clients and employees' expectations, truly going the extra mile. They are here to help you enjoy the benefits of working as a contractor or running your own business without having to worry about paperwork, administrative tasks and legislation.

Compliance. Working alongside a team of industry experts specialising in employment and taxation law, ICS Accounting ensures their solutions are fully compliant with all legislation both now and in the future.

ICS Accounting prides itself on offering a personal service tailored to your individual needs.

Its dedicated team of specialists is available to answer questions and offer advice when you need them.

Call ICS Accounting on 0800 195 3750 or email [email protected].



Our services

ICS Umbrella

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, ICS Accounting's umbrella solution, ICS Umbrella is committed to ensuring that you are paid in an accurate and timely manner while being underpinned by jargon-free advice from their friendly and passionate team.

Dependent on your assignment's length and value, operating through an umbrella company is the hassle-free way of working. ICS Umbrella is the preferred option if you are just starting as a contractor, running inside IR35, or just only looking to provide your services over a short-term period.

ICS Accounting understands that your take-home pay and compliance with legislation are critical factors for you. Joining ICS Umbrella ensures that your work is covered by their comprehensive professional indemnity, public and employer's liability insurance policies to put your mind at ease and reduce any stress.

As an employee of ICS Accounting Umbrella, you will receive access to the ICS Accounting Benefits Portal. Here you can manage your payslips and pension, get huge discounts on your shopping, access an online GP with email prescriptions and much more!


Personal Service Company

If you plan to be a contractor long-term or generate a significant rate for your services, then a limited company may be the best solution for you. 

Running your own business opens many doors to new opportunities and increased financial reward. It also introduces statutory and financial obligations such as submitting annual accounts to Companies House, company tax returns and meeting HMRC deadlines.

Appointing ICS Accounting, a specialist contractor accountant with proven experience, and being a member of professional accounting associations will give you the confidence that your finances are in the best hands.


Limited Company

ICS Accounting offer a comprehensive accounting and taxation service for a fixed, monthly fee, freeing up your time to let you focus on driving and growing your business.

When running a successful limited company, you can find yourself hoping for a better work-life balance, flexibility of work for personal arrangements or preferences, and greater salary rates. So, rather than using your precious free time for accounting work, put your trust into ICS Accounting, a firm that you can rely on to make sure that monetary operations run as smooth as possible.

ICS Accounting will craft a bespoke package of services to meet all your requirements, including VAT returns, payroll services, annual accounts and company and personal tax returns. They will understand your needs and agree on a great-value, fixed fee upfront, meaning no surprises and avoiding unexpected accountancy bills.

ICS Accounting are experts in cloud accounting, accredited partners of Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks, mean your numbers are at your fingertips, on phone, tablet and desktop allowing you and ICS Accounting to work simultaneously.



Save time, budget and resources by outsourcing your payroll management to ICS Accounting. Their established Payroll Bureau service processes thousands of employees a month and is home to the Payroll experts' in-house team. 

Outsourcing payroll can be particularly beneficial to SMEs and growing businesses. ICS Accounting payroll service offers flexible payroll frequencies to suit every business size. They ensure all filings are completed before the statutory deadlines and that your business remains compliant to the latest legislation.

Each client has their own dedicated Payroll Manager who ensures every aspect of the payroll process is met, offering a flexible service that adapts to the client's needs. ICS Accounting can also provide HR support and help with the implementation of auto-enrolment pensions.



Using their expertise of IR35 within the temporary worker market and the IR35 legislation changes in 2017, ICS Accounting has developed an IR35 role assessment tool, which determines where a contractor sits within the upcoming changes. The assessment tool delivers an instant 'inside' or 'outside IR35' result, together with the next steps to be considered. 

After completing a role assessment and are found to be 'inside IR35', ICS Accounting can offer the FCSA compliant, ICS Umbrella solution.

When a contractor is deemed 'outside IR35' and in receipt of a Status Determination Statement (SDS) from their end client that confirms this, they can carry on using a limited company, just as before. However, with expert knowledge, ICS Accounting can help contractors stay ahead on any further IR35 amendments, carry out assignment reviews when you change roles and if required, work with insurance partners to back the decision from the assessment tool.


ICS Switch

The complete IR35 solution. The flexible employment solution takes the stress out of IR35, allowing you to SWITCH effortlessly between operating your own PSC and being employed by ICS Umbrella, eliminating the need for a separate accountant and Umbrella solution.

No matter the assignment, you'll be operating compliantly with the maximum take-home available.

ICS Switch is an innovative solution, enabling ICS Accounting to offer reduced accountancy fees if you can't work through your limited company for a short period and instead switch to employment with ICS Umbrella. ICS Accounting recognises that you may wish to keep your company operating if you expect to win work outside of IR35 in the future, but that you won't need the full accountancy services whilst employed via ICS Umbrella.


IR35 options once found inside or outside.



Contact details

Telephone: 0800 195 3750

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.icsuk.com

Street Address: 2 Mannin Way, Lancaster Business Park, Caton Road, Lancaster, LA1 3SU




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