Cyber security online course

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BPP Professional Development

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This informative course will benefit anyone who wants to learn how to minimise risk in today’s culture of computing, where cybercrime has become commonplace. This interactive programme is delivered online live, allowing delegates to interact with expert presenters from either a computer or mobile device. Same content as a traditional course just spread over 3 days in shorter 2 hour sessions. No more travel, no more losing a day of work.

While the course will cover some basic elements of networks, exploring web-code, and some technicalities of the Internet, no programming or technical knowledge is necessary to attend, as full explanation will be provided from the ground up.

Learning outcomes:

  • Build an understanding of why cyber security should be part of everyday life
  • Discover easy ways of staying on top and implementing precautionary measures in almost any business
  • See why any individual or business is potentially vulnerable to cybercrime, and why being vigilant should be an inherent routine
  • Understand the costs involved in products and services
  • Become familiar with some of the basic terminology and jargon surrounding cyber security and cybercrime, and how the emergence of advanced intelligent solutions like Artificial Intelligence could benefit the cyber world significantly

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