IPSE will work with government to get this right

IPSE wants IR35 repealed in its entirety.

It's a useless and unworkable measure and no amount of lipstick will make it less pig-like.

We recognise, however, that some arrangements are less than ideal - we call this disguised self-employment - and some workers are sometimes forced into it by unscrupulous employers in order to avoid their employment obligations. This is clearly wrong, and IPSE has no truck with these false arrangements.

IPSE wants to sit with government and find a way of working through this quagmire.

We want government to recognise that IR35 is fundamentally flawed, to commit to working with IPSE and others to undertake a full and proper review of the whole sector and the wider issues of employment taxation and employment rights. We've been offering this to government for years, and we believe that this, and only this, will lead to a productive outcome which both preserves the UK's competitive advantage over its economic rivals and give those who want it the freedom, the right, to be self-employed.

After all, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, who, at a stroke of a pen, can sort this out, summed it up nicely in 2001:-

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