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Third Edition: Autumn 2018


Did you know that identical twins are said to have similar styles of saving and investing? In this Autumn 2018 edition of My Money magazine, we delve into everything from money management in our DNA to how to set and raise your rates and much more in between.








Second Edition: Summer 2018


This second edition of My Money covers everything from credit scores and co-working spaces to pensions and taking control of your taxes. if you have every wanted to find out how a suave sense of fashion can lead to a suite of successful businesses, read our interview with Zacchary Falconer-Barfield. Or if you are new to freelancing, find out how inflation can affect your business in our IPSE explainer section.






First Edition: Summer 2017


And at IPSE, we have been listening to your concerns: about pensions, mortgages, accounting, personal finance and all other money matters. That’s why alongside all our other work to support and protect you, the self-employed community, we have introduced our new magazine, My Money. With invaluable insights covering everything from managing your business to saving for later life, My Money is designed to help you navigate all aspects of freelancer finances.