As well all the benefits included in your membership, IPSE Options gives IPSE members access to discounted rates on a variety of key services.

IPSE members can purchase contract reviews and contractor insurance at discounted rates, and take advantage of workspace access through NearDesk. Through IPSE Advantages, our consumer discount scheme, members can save hundreds of pounds a year at a variety of stores including Apple, Sainsbury’s and PC World.

Contract Review Service

It's vital that you understand exactly how your contract affects your IR35 status, that's why IPSE has, for fifteen years, recommended that each contract your business wins is reviewed by experts to ensure that you have the best defence you can if the taxman does come calling.

IPSE's IR35 Contract Review service provides you with a detailed report offering any appropriate amendments and improvements to the contract wording, as well as considering the day to day working practices of the engagement and concluding with a definitive IR35 'pass' or 'fail'. Public Sector contractors are also offered specific assurance to provide to the Government Department.

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IPSE Advantages

By taking advantage of the combined buying power of IPSE’s 22,000 members, the ‘IPSE Advantages’ scheme offers thousands of consumer discounts including Apple products, Dell hardware and software, gym membership, and cash back at a variety of stores such as Dixons, PC World and Sainsbury’s. A regular user of this service could easily save more than the IPSE membership fee every year!

IPSE Advantages offers the widest choice of voucher, card and SMS offers on the market with over 2000 offers at any one time and a range of discounted shopping vouchers that can be redeemed at over 200 brands. It covers everything from hardware and software to grocery and lifestyle shopping, from holidays, days out and experiences to car breakdown cover, from apples to Apples and from books to car tyres.

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Contractor Insurance

Kingsbridge, a specialist insurance broker, provides a full cover insurance solution tailored to protect contractors, freelancers and independent professionals against the risks of operating as a limited company.

Their comprehensive, compliant and competitive package includes all the key insurances limited company contractors would require; notably professional indemnity, public liability and employers’ liability, meaning only one policy would be needed to cover the main exposures which could potentially affect your business and meet contractual obligations.

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NearDesk Workspaces

NearDesk is a service that allows you to rent a desk or meeting room at over 150 business locations around the UK. NearDesk offers you access to professional working environments, as and when you need them, without having to pay up front.

An activated IPSE card gives access to a professional working environment in locations across the UK and, by touching in and touching out, allows you pay just for the time you use. Plus, a single monthly invoice means less paperwork.

With four regional hubs welcoming IPSE members and NearDesk's online "who's here now" software, members will quickly get to know who else is sharing a space, giving them the opportunity to connect with fellow members and other professionals.

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