Financial benefits of being an IPSE member

All of a sudden, where you had an accounts or HR department to sort your taxes and pensions, you now are responsible for it. This can be overwhelming at the best of times and is why IPSE has introduced a range of membership benefits over the years that aim to take away this burden, and help its members save money.

Top tips on saving

The market is awash with jargon and there are so many different accounts, ISAs and stocks to look at – it can be confusing. My Money has put together the basics of what is on offer.

The Big 10 with Sarah Graham

My Money caught up with Sarah Graham, award-winning freelance health journalist, and founder of the feminist women’s health blog Hysterical Women, to ask her our top 10 money questions.

Not-so solo self-employed

Going freelance doesn't have to mean going it alone. Tristan Grove speaks to software developer Rich Daley and speech and accent coach Luke Nicholson about collaboration.