Issue 50

A warm welcome to the 50th issue of IPSE Magazine. 
Reaching half a century of magazines is no mean feat in today’s cut-throat world of print, so we’ve decided to have a small celebration. 
In this particularly special IPSE Magazine, we take a look at the journey so far, before revealing one or two plans for the future.
But don’t you worry, we haven’t forgotten about everything else. With the dust settled on last month’s general election, we assess the aftermath. For the first time in what feels like a very long time, the UK has some sense of political certainty. It all feels a little unfamiliar doesn’t it?
By and large the people placed their faith in David Cameron and his band of merry men and women for the next five years at least. And to be fair to the Prime Minister, he hasn’t wasted much time. With a new Business team in place – which includes Minister for Small Business Anna Soubry –Government look to be taking self-employment very seriously indeed. 
Inside the mag, Telegraph writer Asa Bennett makes his IPSE Magazine debut, making sense of post general election UK in From the Lobby.
We also spoke to you, our readers. IPSE members from all four corners of the UK penned their thoughts on all the election madness, which I’m sure you’ll agree, there was no shortage of! And finally, Jamie McDermott crossed the pond and experienced freelancing New York style, we introduce all of IPSE’s new staff, review the latest and best wearable technologies, and as always, a whole lot more. 

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A warm welcome to the 50th issue of IPSE Magazine. 

A word from the Editor 

The run up to the 2015 general election is well under way.

A Word From The Editor 
Firstly I'd like to congratulate you all for making it through January, which I always find to be a long, arduous slog.

In this National Freelancers Day special of IPSE Magazine, we reveal the winner of Fifteen for 2015.

Welcome to the new-look, IPSE Magazine. Our new name means we can reach out to new groups of self-employed people who share our issues, challenges, strengths and passions.

In Issue 45 of Freelancing Matters we ask whether knowledge-based sectors are overtaking Britain's traditional industries, with Britain's booming technology industry and declining manufacturing ind

As Scotland's day of destiny draws nearer, leading political journalist Hamish MacDonell gives insight into the mood in camp in Issue 44 - our packed out Scottis

In Issue 43, our European special, we take look at how the voting will play out in May’s Euro elections.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is interviewed by Jim Cassidy, who discusses the importance of freelancers and small businesses to the UK economy.

Firstly, a warm welcome to the 41st edition of Freelancing Matters and a Happy National Freelancers Day for the 21st November!

First things first, welcome to your new look FM. I hope you like what we’ve done with the place.