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Work Reimagined

  • Conference

This summit will explore the growing trends for organisations and self-employed individuals to shape innovation in the modern workplace through technology and the project economy.

  • How will current organisational structures change and adapt?
  • How can workers and organisations leverage these changes to thrive in the new workplace?

Our aim is to provide a forum for both organisations and individuals to connect, learn and discuss how changes in how we work can be utilised to modernise the workplace, increase employability and expand organisational business models.

The summit will consist of a keynote, various panel discussions / workshops and a networking soiree in the evening with drinks and canapes.

Key Themes
Unlocking the potential of the highly skilled workforce

How the rise of the highly skilled freelancer/ consultant is driving innovation in firms and organisations through the growing project economy.

Balancing the rise of digital transformation with human capital
To harness the potential of transformative digital technologies, how will business leaders need to rethink their human capital strategies to accelerate growth?

Expected Attendees:

  • Corporate organisations – human resource professionals, people management professionals, innovation and experimentation teams and professionals
  • Highly skilled freelancers, consultants and freelancing teams
  • Tech / virtual companies that provide services that virtual and remote teams & individuals can benefit directly from

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