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What the self-employed customer thinks: benefits of digital banking

  • Webinar

Thinking of moving to a digital bank, but want to know a bit more about them? Tune into this webinar, hosted by IPSE partner and three-time winner of Best British Bank, Starling.

You’ll hear from real customers about their experience of moving to a digital bank, as well as the products and features they find most helpful when running their business.

That’s not all: you’ll also get to hear about how digital banking can make life easier if you’re self-employed, especially when it comes to important things like invoices and tax. Finally: has the pandemic made digital banking even more important?

Plus there will be plenty of time for questions. As always, email your questions in advance to [email protected] with the subject ‘Questions for the My Money webinar: Benefits of digital banking’.


Charlotte Lorimer, who worked at Starling before going freelance, will be interviewing founders of The Doers. 

The Doers is a brand marketing consultancy, founded by brand marketing consultants, Jess Sims and Laura West, and powered by a collective of freelancers. 

This webinar is part of the My Money event - a month of financial guidance just for the self-employed. Visit the My Money website for further details and to sign up to other webinars throughout November. This webinar is free to attend.

All webinars at the My Money event aim to provide guidance and not financial advice. We recommend you always complete your own research to ensure it is right for your specific circumstances.