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Valuing Yourself – show me the money!

  • Webinar

In this webinar Alison will explore how freelancers can transition their offering from trading time for money into impact driven value for their clients.

Starting with an examination of what you really need to live on. From this you will be able to generate individual sales targets (monthly / quarterly / annually).

Alison will then discuss strategies for estimating your value based on daily rates, sales targets, benchmarking, and other variables to give an understanding of the market tolerance for rates.

From this Alison will delve into your ‘secret sauce’ – that particular value that you deliver for your clients and how you can use this knowledge to move from trading time for money into a value based proposition for clients.

By the end of the webinar individuals will leave with an understanding of how to value their work based on the impact of their services for their clients and the confidence to price their work accordingly.

As always you can send in your questions ahead of the webinar by emailing [email protected].

Speaker - Alison Grade

Alison describes her key skill as transforming creative ideas into a business reality. She accomplishes this with the films she produces, the creative entrepreneurs she mentors, SMEs and freelancers she advises and in her Penguin published book, The Freelance Bible.

Alison has an unique skillset in that she has formal academic training (INSEAD MBA); has worked at senior level in many media companies; is an entrepreneur who has established several businesses and is a Nesta accredited Creative Enterprise trainer and mentor. 

This event is free of charge to members and non-members.